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    Spiced Cherry Sauce in Instant pot

    Spiced Cherry Sauce in Instant pot is the easiest condiment to make and taste great on cold cut meat sandwiches and adds pop of color and flavor to grilled / baked chicken, duck, pork and salmon of course.

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    Strawberry Syrup

    Strawberry simple syrup is a bright red sugary syrup used in many drinks for flavor and color. Best way to use up over ripe ones.

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    Pickled Red Onions

    Pickled Red Onion – sweet and tangy, cold and crisp, pretty pink looking topping that will jazz up your summer food game. They add so much flavor and texture to burgers, tacos, grain bowls, avocado toasts you name it.

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    Candied Walnuts

    Candied walnut is made with just walnut, sugar and water in under 10 minutes. Ideal winter candy for snacking that doubles as a topping for sweet or savory dishes. A beautiful homemade gift to give any time of the year.

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