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Category: Appetizer

best homemade Lobster roll

Best homemade Lobster Roll (Video recipe)

the best homemade lobster roll version of Maine chilled lobster roll which consists of chunks of tender, sweet, cooked lobster meat with little mayonnaise, stuffed into a top-split, New England bun lightly brushed in butter.

Coconut Crusted Cod Fish

Coconut crusted cod fish -Crispy on the outside soft flaky and very flavorful inside and served with fresh cherry tomato salad,baby potato roasted.

Batter fried pepper with Tzatziki Sauce

Batter Fried Pepper with Tzatziki Sauce

Batter Fried Pepper with Tzatziki Sauce has delicious crispy fried batter on the outside and perfect soft and tangy pepper inside and the cooling tzatziki sauce to balance the flavors and absorb the any extra heat of the pepper.

chicken shawarma

5 Favorite Dips

Here is a round up of my favorite dip recipes.      1.  Tartar sauce      Ingredients: Mayonnaise- 1 cuplemon juice- 1 tbsp Pickled cucumber- 1 chopped (fresh is […]