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Category: winter recipes

Fish Pie with Sweet Potato Topping

Fish pie, a classic British dish as you know is an absolute comfort food to have on a cold winter night. A supper that can be enjoyed by all ages... young, old, toothless or even with braces or sore tooth.

beef enchilada fall recipe

Beef Enchilada

Best beef enchilada to have on a cold day that will melt in the mouth and fill you up.

Tandoori Chicken

I know you must be thinking I recently posted whole roasted Tandoori Chicken then what is new now all of a sudden. Well this one is a easier, prettier and less messier fusion version. […]

Winter Wonderland

As promised here are the snow pictures. I have tried to capture the formations and patterns before during and after the storm. No effects are added. Everything u see is […]