Peach and blueberry baked fruit pizza

 How about a nice floral yellow and blue dessert pizza to soak up  the last of summer? 
 Labor day could be an ideal time for you to bake this pizza with sunshine colored peach and pretty  blueberries with soft almost milk bread like base because there is no better inviting aroma wafting in the house than that of bread and fruit baking for your guests. I cannot tell you how restless I felt until I sunk my teeth into a warm slice of bread with tender sweet fruit on it 🙂 

Last summer my daughter and I spent summer doing  pencil sketches this year we are more into solving crossword puzzles. The other day we were stuck with the last word in the puzzle. U know how irritating it is to stop there :)) It was already sunset and there were chores to be completed but we both were adamant ( we never give up)that we wouldn’t budge until we solved it. Solid half an hour was spent on cracking our brains and finally we put the pieces together.It turned out to be a very simple word. We both felt so silly and reacted whattt!!!! 🙂  Its almost like life itself sometimes, we would have solved many difficult and tough ones but conveniently overlook the simplest. Going along the lines of simple,this pizza is for all those who take time to admire simple things and find beauty in it.

I have been making way too many delicious  fruit dishes this summer here are a  few if u have missed any:
Do notice that it is an eggless, vegetarian (of course fruit) pizza.
For the base:
Plain flour -1 cup + extra for dusting
Butter – half a stick (4 tbsp)
Dried yeast- 1 tsp
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Salt a small pinch
Warm milk – 2-3 tsp

For the topping: Use any fruit of ur choice
Peach- 2 peeled and sliced
Blueberries – 1/4 cup or more
Sugar – 1 tbsp
For brushing: Mix and keep aside
Butter 1 tsp melted
Brown sugar – 3tsp
Cinnamon powder – 1/2 tsp
Mix the milk and yeast and leave aside for few minutes to proof. Lightly whisk the flour,sugar and salt add the yeast and milk mixture ,butter and knead it into a smooth dough
Note :Use a stand mixer or knead for 10 minutes with ur hands by stretching the dough roll back stretch again roll it back u dont have to apply too much muscle power by doing this way).
Grease the sides and bottom of a large bowl and put the dough in it to rest for 1 1/2 to 2 hours to rise well or doubled in size.Cover the bowl with a wet tea towel and keep in a warm place to rise.
Gently press the dough (Don’t deflate all the air in the dough so carefully roll a round disk out of it and arrange on a prepared pizza plate. Cover again (with a wide mouthed pan bigger than the pizza-check notes)and leave it to rise for another 20-30 minutes while u get the fruits ready.
Simply mix the blueberries in sugar and arrange in the center and in the rest of the sugar add peach slices once evenly coated arrange the pieces around the blueberries.
Bake at  400 F for 15-20 minutes.Until the top is cooked thoroughly and golden brown.Remove and immediately brush the butter mixture on top. 
Slice and serve it warm with  whipped cream ,mascarpone or Greek yogurt or ice cream.
Note: Second rising is not necessary if you are not looking for really light and airy texture.U can immediately bake soon after first rising.

Hope you like it

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  1. Rafeeda AR

    Oh wow!!! Meena… that looks beautiful! Such a good way of enjoying those wonderful fruits… u reminded me that I haven't done crosswords for ages… makes me feel sad that I have no time 4 these little things… 🙁

  2. Ruxana Gafoor

    Fruit season going on in your blog…once again loved the clicks and the dish..loved those lines too about “crossword and life” because sometimes life is so simple and we make it so complicated.Have a nice day !!

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