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Watermelon Malibu Surf – Summer Cocktail

Watermelon Malibu Surf : A must try summer cocktail.
 Surfing is such a beautiful sport where man meets ocean with grace. He neither destroys nor builds anything still exhibits his bravery by winning over the waves and riding on them effortlessly. 

All body types look glamorous in wet suits  and their silhouettes at sunset are my favorite.
Even though I go to the beach often I hate to take my camera with me. Sitting there I always end up regretting not being able to click a decent pic. 
Either one has to go there to enjoy and be ready to get wet or go with the gear and sit there like a crow guarding its nest while all the rest are having the time of their life 🙂 Which one do you prefer?
Well, at the end of the day it does not matter whether u r a surfer, beach goer  or somebody who has no access to the ocean, you can definitely wash down your woes with  nice beach themed cocktail which screams summer.

Ingredients for 1 serving ;
Watermelon pieces -3/4 cup ( seeds removed)
Coconut cream – 1/4 cup  or to taste
Spiced rum- 2 ounces (Malibu or Captain Morgan)

Optional Garnish:
Granulated sugar – 4 tsp
Watermelon wedge thinly sliced

Run a slice of watermelon through the rim of the cocktail glass. Spread the sugar in a small plate and dredge the rim of the glass so that it coats well.Do this step in advance before you pour the cocktail so the sugar gets some time to dry.
Blend watermelon, coconut cream and rum until smooth.
Pour the blended mixture into the cocktail glass with few ice cubes. Garnish with watermelon wedge and serve immediately.
Note : Top off the cocktail with whipping cream if u like to look like the surf .
           The cocktail is sweet with watermelon coconut cream but if you want it sweeter go for 1 tsp of simple syrup.

Here is a Virgin Pina colada recipe , I made it last summer that attracted lot of attention from pinners.

For all my teetotaler friends- skip the alcohol but try  it pl. u will fall in love I am sure 🙂

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  1. Meena, wow…. two beautiful glasses. Loved the ripple effect you created. I have 2 rum lovers at home. This will be perfect for them. Will try this soon.

  2. Its nice to sit and watch people surfing. There's also something about beach and water which always captivates and calms my thoughts. Similarly looking at the watermelon malibu is equally soothing and captivating.

  3. Really cool!! Seeing this drink itself I can feel the taste of it down my throat…and about the beach..well can't say which one I prefer..hmm..depends!!

  4. oh what a fantastic click.May be i need to skip the alcohol as u said ,will try it soon.

  5. Wow.. i loved the outdoor presentation… looks so natural…and just a sip of it will bring back energy….and refreshing…..some kind of tinkle in eyes…

  6. I am like you when it comes to the beach, hate carrying the camera 😉 the cocktail looks so refreshing. Sitting on the beach and sipping this drink, AWESOME….

  7. yep… i take out the alcohol… 🙂 I am a person who sits on the sand and watches people enjoying themselves… never carry my camera though… such beautiful pics and I am wondering the flavor of the drink – watermelon and coconut cream definitely sounds interesting….

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