Strawberry Milk

Strawberry milk – The old fashioned naturally pink, sweet milk made from scratch without any artificial color, chemical additives or pink powders.

If you are the old gen kid who grew up drinking the artificial pink like Rooh afsa, synthetic rose milk ( with fake essence) and other so called healthy pink drinks that was cloyingly sweet and thought that was bliss wait till you try this real deal! You are going to be pleasantly surprised by this fruity, fragrant clean milk.

This homemade strawberry milk is full of fresh fruit flavor with the velvety & creamy full fat dairy milk. Since strawberry comes from the rose family it has similar fragrance notes . Instead of sliced berry few rose petals could be added to the milk and served as rose milk. Or turned into milk shake with a scoop of ice cream or a whipped cream topping. You may substitute it with other plant based milk but the old world charm of drink full fat milk is the best.

I am sure the older generation might appreciate this drink better as this brings back sweet memories. Only difference now is you have learned to make your own and enjoy fresh homemade flavored milk.

100% Strawberry syrup — * * RECIPE HERE * *

Strawberry Milk

The old fashioned flavored milk
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 2-3 tbsp Homemade Strawberry syrup (link above the recipe card) (or in video)
  • 3/4 cup Cold milk Full fat (no skimping please!)
  • Ice cubes
  • Few Strawberry slices
  • Mint leaves to garnish


  • Mix the strawberry syrup with cold milk,strawberry slices and ice cubes.Give it a good stir.
  • Garnish with mint leaves.
  • Serve the strawberry milk cold.


If you have read recent reports schools in many states have banned packed strawberry milk due to the high additives in them in comparison with chocolate milk. All the more reasons to make some real deal on your own to satisfy drink craving with the fruit and fragrant milk.

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Hope you will give this favorite recipe of mine a try and let me know.


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