Strawberry Iced Tea

Looking for a drink to serve for your next barbecue or summer party to cool off that is not alcoholic then the Strawberry Iced Tea is perfect. It has the real fruit, freshness of lemon and mint and of course the body cooling tea.Making this drink is pretty easy u just need to boil the berry and the natural most beautiful vermilion color seeps in as it rests.
Did you know strawberry is from the rose family hence they smell so sweet too.  What more do you want? Just beat the heat sipping some strawberry iced tea.
Here is Mango Iced Tea if you would like to try a different fruit flavor.

Serves- 3, prep time -2 mts, Cooking time 15 minutes
Strawberry 3- 4 medium sliced
Sugar -1/2 cup
Tea bag – 2 (increase depending on strength needed)
water – 3 cups
To garnish :
Strawberry- 2-3 sliced neatly
Lemon wedges-
Mint sprigs
Add I cup water to a pot and bring it to boil now add the sugar and the strawberry simmer for 15 minutes switch off flame now put the tea bags into it and let this sit for another 15 minutes. Squeeze the tea bag with back of the spoon. Strain the liquid  and discard the cooked berry and bags. Add 2 cups of chilled water and refrigerate until readyto serve.
Add some ice cubes and serve with strawberry slices,lemon wedges and Mint sprig.
The strawberry iced tea stays in the fridge for upto two days.

Note :
Don’t puree the strawberry to boil it will make the drink cloudy.
Replace 1 cup water with sparkling water or soda for extra punch.

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