Summer corn salad

Fresh corn is boiled and served chilled with hot, sizzling grilled steak or any meat.

I am not a big fan of eating grilled corn on the cob because i would end up looking like a lawn mower that just finished mowing a fresh grass patch:).
This one is a much more effortless way of having corn . You are anyway going to eat meat with bone  in a barbaric fashion:))


Corn ears-2 (husk and silk removed)
Small red onion/sweet onion-1 (finely chopped)
Garlic-1 clove( finely grated)
Red bell pepper-1/4 of 1 whole
Tomato -1 (diced )
Fresno chili pepper/Serrano chili -1 (seeds removed and chopped)
Cilantro leaves- a small bunch head(cleaned ,washed and chopped finely)


Hot sauce – 1 tsp
Lime juice-of 1 whole
Extra virgin olive oil- 1to 2 tsp
salt and pepper to taste


1.Cut the corn ears into two , add enough water in a pot and boil  it  till the kernels  are soft but not mushy.I usually pressure cook it for 1 whistle.Take it out of the water let it cool.With a knife chop the corn kernels neatly ,as close as possible to the cob.
2.Pour all the dressing ingredients into a bottle close lid tightly and shake well till everything is well combined.
3.Put the onion at the bottom of the bowl u are going to serve the salad in and pour the dressing .Mix well .Now toss in all the rest of the ingredients except tomato .Toss everything gently.Add tomato pieces without making it  mushy give one more gentle mix 
4.Press everything yes ..very gently towards the bottom of the bowl  so that it does not get soggy when u take it out to serve.
They will stay tightly packed hence release less juices.You see that’s the trick.
5.Close the bowl with a tight lid and keep it refrigerated till it is ready to be served.
I am much inspired by Mexican salad.You can play around with this recipe by adding more ingredients like honey, greens etc..or drench it in evoo ..

Wipe off that sweat and go for that cool fresh salad to reward yourself for sweltering near the hot grill to get the perfectly charred meat.
I am sure you will let me know how much you enjoyed it 

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