Milk pudding with Chocolate topping (Eggless Recipe)

Milk pudding with Chocolate topping (Eggless Recipe) -Yummy pudding with chocolate topping and a dash of caramel gives a pretty looking dessert for your Easter feast. An easy  no bake pudding that comes together in few minutes without any effort

Milk pudding with Chocolate topping (Eggless Recipe)

When everything on the table is going to be with non vegetarian you can spare the dessert from all the egg flavors.

A silky smooth, packed with milk flavors pudding your guests will love. The hardened chocolate acts like an egg shell you need to crack it with the spoon to scoop the pudding which is the sweet little surprise everyone will love. Something like the creme brulee if you are looking for an analogy made without any effort. This is my personal favorite dessert.

Here is another recipe that I posted earlier if you would like to try – Vanilla pudding with fruit jam topping

Ingredients: (yields around 5-6 small size(5oz) pudding bowls )

For Pudding:

Whole milk -2 cup

Condensed milk – 1 cup

Heavy cream -1 cup

Water – 1 cup

Cardamom – 2 pods powdered freshly

Arrowroot powder – 2 tbsps


Chocolate compounds or chips – 4-5 pcs (depending on size and required layer thickness.)

Chocolate shavings – from any bar like Hershey’s, cadbury’s

Caramel sauce – store bought used here


1.Keep this ready:

Mix  water (at room temperature)and arrowroot powder until smooth. Keep the ramekins/dessert glass ready on the counter.

2.Heat a wide mouthed pan adding all the milks and arrowroot mixture. Cook it on a very low flame stirring continuously (thickening process takes few mts only) when the whole thing thickens and starts clumping remove from flame and immediately pour into serving glasses or ramekins.(**Work very fast here) . We are looking for cake batter like consistency.Fill only 2/3 of each bowl. Allow it to come to room temperature. Put small squares of cling wrap touching the pudding so a thick skin layer is not formed.

3.Chill for 4-5 hours for it to set. But I fast tracked it by putting it in the freezer for an hour then once set brought it down to the refrigerator.

Before serving add toppings

For Topping:

Take a microwave safe bowl and add the required chocolate in it and melt for a minute. Stir well, if it is not melted well put for 15 secs more.

Pour 1-2 tsps over  each of the chilled pudding. Allow this to harden then squeeze some caramel sauce over it and add the chocolate shavings to one side.

and serve immediately.


Chocolate shavings can be made by using a potato peeler and scraping the chocolate bar. They are delicate so lift and scoop with a spoon if u use your fingers the shaving rolls will break easily.

Ideal make ahead dessert also #Nobake dessert.

*Arrowroot powder is available in Wholefoods, Walmart and Indian stores.

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Hope you are going to fall in love this Milk pudding with Chocolate topping eggless recipe.


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