Vanilla Pudding with Fruit Jam Topping

A delicious vanilla pudding with colors of the season. Made from scratch!
Spring is all about color and so are festivals be it Holi or Easter.Why not go for an all natural chemical free colorful jam to make the vanilla pudding look pretty!

Vanilla pudding is a classic dessert which has the most delectable creamy texture and simply melts in the mouth. I donoo why I have been using the store bought instant crap all these years, after trying this recipe from the scratch I don’t think I will ever go back to packet.. . The creaminess and taste you get from homemade one cannot be even compared to the other. This pudding is a very versatile one that can be served warm, at room temperature or chilled according to the weather and the topping can be changed to suit the season. If egg yolks are added it would be creamier but totally fine to go with just cornstarch which does the thickening and the heavy cream would take care of the rest.

The jams get ready in 5 mts each as very small quantity is made .When the dessert is portion sized you can decide on the flavors and do a mix and match to each one’s likes. I am sure your guests would love to try all topping options.

Can be used as party desserts with individual portions. Can be made without sugar and skip the jam and it becomes diabetic friendly too.
I was literally hoping no one would pick the green bowl, I did the taste test, here is when I would say the looks are deceptive. It was the most unexpectedly delicious experiment I did. It may not be for everyone but If you are into green tea and matcha tea powder and its ice creams etc u will love the  vanilla pudding with mint jam.

Recipe adapted from here.
Ingredients: (yield 4 ice cream cups )
Whole milk -2 cups
Heavy whipping cream – 1 cup
corn starch-1 tbsp
Egg yolk -1 (optional)
Sugar -4 tsps
Vanilla essence – 1tsp(Use seeds from the bean, vanilla paste or extract for best results)

Jam topping and garnish:
Strawberry 1 for decoration, 4 for jam,3 tsp sugar
Blueberry – few for decoration 1 tbsp for jam,3 tsp sugar
Orange – 1 .  1 piece for decoration and 1/2 of 1 full orange for jam, 3 tsps sugar
Mint – few for decoration and jam 3-4 strands, Heavy cream 1 tbsp, corn starch 1 tsp,3 tsp sugar

Make the jams first (these are single serve portions )(If you need to make more cups increase quantity proportionately )
Heat a wide mouth nonstick pan chop the fruit and add the sugar on top of it. Cover and cook until the fruit becomes mushy and the sugar makes it thick and all the water dries up. Mix in between so it does not scorch keep an eye as it takes around 5 mts only. Follow same method for strawberry blueberry and orange (skin removed)
For mint jam – grind the mint leaves, heavy cream, cornstarch and sugar together then continue to make jam as above on a low flame. Add 1 drop of peppermint flavor after it cools if u like. Not used here.

Keep each one in a separate bowl to cool then start making the pudding

Mix the corn starch in 3 tsp milk and keep aside
Heat the remaining milk when it boils add the cornstarch mixture, sugar and continuously  stirring without taking your hand so lumps don’t form. Remove from heat add the cream then the egg yolk and stir well so the egg doesn’t scramble return to low flame continue stirring until the egg cooks well and the pudding thickens well enough, for around 5-7 minutes until egg yolk cooks. Switch off flame and add vanilla essence.
Pour into the serving container and decorate with a scoop of jam, mint leaf  and the fresh fruit.

If the vanilla pudding is not served immediately put a cling wrap on top of the pudding once cooled yes touching the pudding so a thick skin is not formed on top of the pudding put topping only while serving.
Vanilla Pudding Can be served warm.
Can be refrigerated and served chilled.
The pudding tastes best the same day but it can be refrigerated for 1 day.
If cream and milk are not of same percentage it will separate into layers when refrigerated.

Spring is here finally!

Hope you like it.

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  1. Linsy Patel

    I will try this without egg for get together or prasad. my eyes are not good or what but picture with strawberry jam is little shaky not crystal clear as per your high standards. sorry if it offend you but you set up very high bar so just telling you.

  2. Meena Kumar

    He hee u are right Linsy its lil shaky. By the time I made and was ready to take pics it became so cloudy and the Sun was setting too so had to hastily click some pics. Thank you for the honest feedback really appreciate it.

  3. Framed Recipes

    Oh my oh my! Meena, super stlying. You have glorified the humble vanilla pudding (by the way it is one of my favorites) to a whole new level with that fist image. – Sreelatha

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