Vegan Salad

Vegan salad ! Why should your healthy lunch be boring. . .wanna  skip the carrot, cucumber, broccoli and looking for something new?

This is a grain, root, bean and nut salad. To keep things interesting a tiny gherkins and probiotic homemade beet pickle is added.

LOLvegan salad 3

Spiced Sweet potato recipe


Sweet potato small – 5

Chili powder or paprika  -1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/3 tsp

Salt  to taste

Curry leaves – few

Cooking oil – as required for shallow frying


Steam the sweet potato until half done and slice into thick rounds and marinate with powders given above keep aside for few minutes.

Shallow fry in batches in medium hot oil until both sides are brown and crisp in a low to medium heat. Finally cut curry leaves into bits fry that in remaining oil to crisp toss along with the fried sweet potatoes gently .

Rest of the ingredients in the salad:

Quinoa : Mix of red and white  – cooked as per package instruction adding  salt and pepper to taste.

Edamame cooked lightly with salt and pepper to taste

Tiny sweet pepper chopped

Cashew nut – few

After assembling the salad drizzle a tsp of ghee above it. ( For NON  VEGANS)

Spice flavored oil- like chili oil or garlic oil – drizzle a few drops before serving.

Hope you would give this amazing vegan salad a try.



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