Corn, Pluot and Grape Salad

Christmas in July with Red, green and almost white salad.

If you are wondering what this pluot is… Pluot is a fruit, cross-breed of 75% plum and 25% apricot.. cool name right! Very similar to the way Indian kids end up with funny names starting and ending with parents’ name syllables.
Pluot is not genetically modified but cross bred by hand pollination.

Christmas in July is a marketing strategy here than an actual holiday. Another reason to party and spend :)) and Hallmark channel often confuses my brain by running back to back Christmas movies in July. Its like mama singing lullaby anytime of the day she wants the baby to sleep :))

Corn ears – 2
Pluot – 2  (Use plum or peach instead)
Green grapes – a handful
Dressing :
EV Olive oil -1 tbsp
Honey – 1 tsp
Lime juice – of 1 lime
Shallot -1 chopped finely
Freshly crushed pepper and salt to taste
Boil shucked and cleaned corn ears in water for 5-6 mts when its plump remove and allow it to cool down, once cool cut corn off the cob. Dice the pluot. Cut green grapes into two. Keep it ready and covered in the refrigerator
Crush the chopped shallot lightly with fingers add lime juice , salt ,pepper, honey and mix well. Gradually add olive oil and whisk continuously so the oil emulsifies.
Keep aside.

When ready to serve pour the required dressing on to the corn and fruits, give it a good toss then serve the salad with a nice piece of grilled or shallow fried salmon sprinkled with spicy chutney powder and an avocado rose. (Sorry lil obsessed about it hope u wont mind:))

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  1. Rafeeda AR

    You make me feel as if I am in a five star set up… 🙂 The salad is so beautifully done! Never heard of plout… love the way you described its name… Krimiyeyaanu orma varunnathu… 😉

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