Shrimp and Pineapple Summer Salad

Jumbo shrimp with  pineapple is a sweet and spicy combination you will love.
Entire cooking plus prep time should take you no more than 20 minutes.
Seriously can minimal cooking  get any better than this!

I am not even going to apologize for shaky images . . . the aroma of warm cooked shrimp was too good to ignore that I simply had to put down the camera and dig in. Plain truth 🙂

Pineapple diced -1/2 of 1
Shrimp  – 12 -15 jumbo, peeled and cleaned
Pepper and salt to marinate shrimp
Paprika powder -1/2 tsp
Onion -1
Iceberg lettuce -1/ of 1
Toasted sesame seeds – 1-2 tsp
Olive oil – 2 tsp

Mayonnaise – 2 tsp
Siracha – 2 tsp
Olive oil – 1 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste

Marinate shrimp with salt and pepper and keep it aside for 10- 20 minutes
Mix the dressing and keep it refrigerated
Dice the pineapple into bite size pieces.Cut the onion and cucumber into thin julienne with the mandolin slicer. Keep these refrigerated until ready to serve.
Fry the shrimp in two tsps  for 2-3 minutes on each side until cooked. Sprinkle paprika powder on top.
Break the lettuce into large chuck pieces.
When salad is ready to be served begin assembling by tossing the pineapple and veggies into the dressing, mix well.
On the serving platter spread the lettuce leaves first then put the veggies and pineapple coated with dressing then the shrimp on top. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds on top.

Serve along with instant cook couscous.

Hope you like it.

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