Mambazha pachadi / Ripe mango in yogurt

Ripe mango is used to make this sweet and sour curry.Usually served on special occasion feast and festivals.

This mango pachadi is made in my ancestral home mostly in summer months.I used to love everytime I was asked to get the ripest mango from the big store room .It is not the tiny spaces u see today.It is the granary where grains and other produce are stored.As you enter the room the sweet natural fragrances hit your nose with some times jackfruit as the top note ,mangoes as the middle note and grains as the base note.

All produce have no pesticides,so you seee..they taste really good. What more do you want when it is fresh from the garden.Fruits are seasonal but at any given time grains would always be there.



Ripe mango-1 peeled and cubed 
Yogurt-3/4 th cup (thick) or sour cream-1/2 cup
Mustard,whole red chili-1 and curry leaves for seasoning
Green chili-1
Coconut -1 tbsp( grated)
Salt to taste


1.Pour enough water to almost cover the mango pieces and cook till they are done adding salt.
2.Meanwhile grind the coconut to  a fine paste adding chili towards the end also yogurt.
3.When the mango pieces are cooked reduce flame to low and add yogurt mixture let it warm up and let one bubble come remove from flame immediately.
4.In another pan heat oil and add mustard let it crackle then the red chili and curry leaves.Let it cool for 2 minutes
5.Pour over curry and serve along with rice and other spicy kerala curries.


I have not used turmeric because it masks the yellow of the mango.
This is a side dish and it is used to balance the other spicy hot curries in feasts.
I sometimes skip coconut but do all the rest.Then there is no grinding needed,u seeSmileys.It gives a rich smooth texture.
Use ripe sweet mangoes for better results.


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