Amarakka thoran /Amarapayar thoran / Broad beans Stir fry

Amarakka thoran is a simple stir fry which brings back a lot of childhood memories.

When spicy seafood or meat is cooked usually some mild greens are cooked for the meal to balance out the spiciness. The thoran has almost no spice but tastes best this way.

Amarakka / …..   – 1/4  kg(approx)
Red onion / Sabala (medium sized)  – 1 chopped
Green chili/ pachamulagu -1  chopped
Grated coconut/thenga -1/2  cup
Urad dal/ uzhunnu parippu – 1 tsp
Mustard/ Kadugu -1/2 tsp
Whole red chili /chumanna mulagu-1 or 2
Coconut oil/ velichenna -2-3 tsps
Salt to taste

Method :
1. Wash the beans well .Cut both the ends and also pull out strings. Open the pods and separate the fat/mature seeds. Leave the tender ones inside itself . Chop the amarakka finely.Show off ur knife skills.

2. Heat coconut oil add mustard when it crackles add red chili and the urad dal when it turns into golden brown add chopped onion and and green chilies and saute until the onion turns translucent then add the separated matured amarakka seeds and salt and saute and cook until they are half done now add the chopped beans sprinkle some water on top.

3.Cover and cook until almost cooked in low to medium heat.  Saute in between. Now add coconut grated saute and cook until the beans are tender.Do not cook until the beans turn brown .
Serve it warm with rice and other nadan spicy curries.

Hope you like it.

6 Replies to “Amarakka thoran /Amarapayar thoran / Broad beans Stir fry”

  1. Rafeeda AR

    Though I love french and string beans, this one ticks the wrong boxes mainly because of it's naaru on the side… I don't like it! 🙁 Nonetheless, your thoran looks so delicious that I could take that off the screen and clean it up right away… hehe…

  2. Priya Elias

    Love those first and last shots – quite dramatic the thoran looks with that setting 🙂 I have always gone for a stir fry with amarakka for some reason and of course, the lesser the spice with this, the better. Time to try a thoran now I guess 🙂

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