Tortellini with pickled artichoke

Tortellini with pickled artichoke, a salad you could whip with in few minutes in spite of not having any fresh green ingredients on hand. The pickled artichoke gives it all the flavors needed and you don’t have to douse in 5 different sauces. I just worked with frozen peas and leftover tortellini I bought for soup the other day.

My favorite subject to photograph these days…hope you like it.

I have a few artichoke recipes on the blog if are interested:


Tortellini – I used Rana brand

Artichoke pickled – 2 tbsp

Peas – 1 cup

Smoked sun dried tomato – 8 to 10 julienned pieces

Asiago cheese – shavings to garnish

Olive oil – a tsp or two

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook pre-made tortellini as per package instruction . Mine takes 4 -6 minutes in hot (not boiling) water. This keeps the shape intact.

Simultaneously cook the frozen peas as per pack instruction. Takes around 5 minutes on stove top for me.

Allow the tortellini and peas to cool down a bit now add the artichoke , sundried tomato salt and pepper olive oil . Add spinach or other greens if you have any to cut down the tart flavors

Garnish with Asiago cheese.

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