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Artichoke Pickled using Instant pot

Artichoke Pickled is tart and flavorful. It is an ideal alternative to the regular pickles u keep on a holiday table for toppings.
Be warned : This pickle is simply addictive.
Before you begin let me tell you if this is your first time buying artichoke then be prepared to see more stuff to discard than to to use.

Artichoke -3
Garlic – 10-12 chopped
Red pepper flakes- 2 tsp
Olive oil –  1-2 tbsp
Juice of  1 lime
Vinegar – 3- 4 tsp
Pepper corn – few crushed
Salt to taste

(Olive oil to vinegar go by 3:1 proportion)


Wash the artichoke well and cut off little below each petal’s thorny tip discard. pic 2, 3)
Scrape the stem a little bit and keep it intact (do not throw)and discard one row of petals at the bottom.
Pressure cook artichoke in instant pot by settling the switch on manual mode 4 minutes on high. Instant pot  is in lock mode( not release mode) as we are looking for full cooked soft artichokes.
How to know if artichoke is cooked fully?
When u pluck a petal it would come out without any resistance. (Pic 5)
Allow it to cool completely.
Hold each petal and scrape towards the thickest side. Continue for all petals keep the meaty part and discard the fibrous part. (Pic 6)
When u reach a cone shape inside, thats the purple flower, it has a plastic like part discard that, also the furry part inside. It will choke u.(Pic 7,8 and 9)

After all the cleaning u will be finally left with a door knob like piece that is completely edible. (Pic 10)

Artichoke Pickled:
Chop the artichoke into cubes and mix all the ingredients given in the list with half the olive oil. Put into a glass bottle or jar and pour the remaining olive oil on top.Allow it to sit one day on the counter for a day.
Can be used from the net day as dipping for breads or finger food topping etc.
Excellent when a scoop is tossed in with plain pasta to make it flavorful.

Pick good round ones with closed green petals without blemishes.
Little bit of fibre from scraping petals is fine and good for the stomach.

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