Vella Naranga Achar /Kerala Style White Lime pickle

Let this pickle create a riot in your mouth!

Vella Naranga achar / White lime pickle is a must have for drinking rice gruel /kanji at our place.Unlike other pickle the heat level is very less just the tanginess from the lime stands out no other powder spice is added to alter the color and hence called white lime. You could use lime or lemon to make the pickle and if  kanthari mulakku /bird’s eye chili is used it becomes spicy which many people love… I cannot take that much heat so I have used usual chilies here.
Words can never replace the feeling and taste of smushing a soft plump juicy salty piece of lime pickle and licking ur fingers.  It is something u need to indulge in to fall in love.

Here are a few more lime /lemon pickle if u like:

It is definitely comforting to have this pickle while feeling feverish or recovering from it. It really triggers the tastebuds with tartness when when the tongue cannot sense any taste.


Lime /lemon – 10- 12
Green chilli  -2 or Birdseye chili (kanthari mulakku -if u like spicy then 10+)
Ginger – 3-4 inch piece
Garlic-  1 pod (10-12 flakes)
Vinegar- 1/2 cup
Asafoetida – a pinch
Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds-1/2tsp
Curryleaves- few
Salt to taste

Boil the vinegar in a pan keep aside and allow it to cool.
Wash the lemons well and steam them in a steamer/ appa chembu for 5-7 minutes until the lemon becomes tender but not cracked. Once cracked the juices escape .Remove it from heat allow it to cool to room temperature(If u cut when it is hot the lemon juice will simply squirt all over the place). In the meanwhile use a clean dry cloth or paper napkin and wipe the lemon well.
(This is done to remove the bitter taste).Cut each lemon into 8 pieces and keep aside.

Heat sesame oil and add mustard seeds when it crackles add curryleaves , ginger chopped and saute for a minute the add the garlic and green chillies saute until the raw smell goes off but the color should not change. Add asafotida powder and switch off flame.toss in the steamed lemons,salt and the cooled vinegar stir gently until everything is combined.
When the pickle comes to room temperature store it in air tight clean and  dry glass bottle.
Serve white lime pickle with kanji/porridge or  rice.
Since water is not added this vella naranga achar will stay upto weeks and for months in the fridge.

Hope you like it.

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