Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Yogurt Garlic Dip / Low Cal Recipe

Brussels Sprouts, go for the crunchy succulent leafy green with beneficial cancer fighting properties.Cook it the right way to  retain its flavor.

They look like miniature cabbage and tastes almost similar. Donoo why many people have so strong opinion about these cuties..I have tried roasting in the oven I find  that it looses all the moisture becomes really dry and flaky. I usually like brussels sprouts  simple sauteed  without too many ingredients to mask its natural sweet taste. May be that is why my herd loves to have it as a finger food too.

Too much of cooking does spoil the actual  taste and turns  slightly bitter and they start to smell awful too.

Brussels sprouts – 1/2 – 1 lb
Olive oil – 2 -3 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste.

1.Remove the wilted and yellow leaves of the brussels sprouts, trim the stem a bit and wash them thoroughly.
Cut it into two or wedges if u like.
2.Heat a wide mouthed non stick pan add olive oil swirl the pan to coat evenly.Place the brussels sprouts with cut side down .Sprinkle some water on top cover with a lid .
3.After around five minutes it gets steamed and caramelized  then turn each piece upside down and sprinkle some salt and pepper evenly, sprinkle some water cover and cook for another five minutes.
Saute for a minute only.That is all. Do not let it over cook and turn wilted and mushy.Let it have some crunch while you eat it.
Remove and serve it hot  as a side dish for steak, baked fish,chicken etc.

Yogurt and Garlic dip :
A Mediterranean inspired low cal substitute for mayo.

Yogurt – 4 Tbsp
Garlic -2  minced  or Garlic butter – a tsp
Green chili / pickled Jalapeno chopped- 1  (according to your tolerance)
Fresh Cilantro / Parsley  chopped – 1 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Mix everything together in a small bowl and keep it ready in the refrigerator and serve with hot brussels sprout wedges / halves.


There you go… my hand model just jumped in to take a dip. 🙂

Hope you all liked it.
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  1. Linsy Patel

    I am going to message you my home address and UPS account info. when ever I comment that I WANT IT, mail it to me please. I love roasted vegetables and this my friend, its tempting.

  2. Sathya Priya

    Wow .I have many recipes using brussel sprouts.But i dont know how it taste ,So was bit skeptical about how it will taste .NOw i know its like cabbage .Thanks for sharing the info Meena.
    BY the wat this clicks looks amazing.Guess you enjoyed your finger foods.

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