Beetroot Salad / Beetroot Raita

Beetroot salad with sour cream.A very versatile salad  to suit any type of cuisine.

For all those who are sick of the usual raitas for biriyani and pilafs here is a must try one .

Few days ago I had published a recipe for Shrimp Pilaf from the book Quick – fix Ruta Kahate.
The author of the book  recommends beet root raita to go with the Pilaf .
If you remember ,the book was part of the gift a sweet girl named Rafee had sent me:)

Not that the recipe needs to be a full post but I just enjoyed clicking  a few pics which I could not do earlier.

If u are a blogger u know when I say I  like to take pics leisurely or may be until I am happy and not being distracted  :).
Now I shoot with a camera that has a mind of its own and sometimes I get the focus right only if I stand ten feet away from food in this tiny space.  Donoo if it was my impatience or the lighting non of the food sites accepted those pictures.But the salad and the rice was in great demand that I made few times more and you know how I am when I like the background…

Well! I can say blogging has certainly given me enough reasons to try out new recipes and pushed me to overcome inhibitions.That being said I must thank you all for the most encouraging comments and it has definitely rekindled a lot of long lost love affairs of mine.I had no idea u guys would take up my scribbling so seriously:) Those pics were  but part of mom daughter bonding and a Summer vacation scene here. Now my girl is not a ‘do what mom says’ type but more of a ‘do what mom does’ type so u can imagine how things work out 🙂

Beetroot-1 medium
Yogurt / Sour cream- 1 cup
Cumin /Jeera- 1/4 tsp (dry roasted and powdered)
Minced red onion  / Spring onion- 1 tbsp
Fresh cilantro – 1 tbsp chopped
Fresh lime juice- 1 tbsp
Sugar- 1/2 tsp ( optional )
Salt to taste.

Peel and cut the beet into small pieces.Boil it until soft about 10 minutes.Add only enough water to cook so u wont have to drain off the goodness 🙂
Let it cool completely.Mix with the rest of the ingredients.Chill it if you want and serve.

To get the perfect white and purple stripes keep boiled beet separately from other ingredients and  gently stir it in when you are ready to serve.
I used spring onions and omitted red onion and cilantro.
The original recipe says to first cook the beet then peel but I find this one easier.
Sour cream makes it creamy and thick.

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Hope to hear from u lovely people out there.


50 Replies to “Beetroot Salad / Beetroot Raita”

  1. Rekha Vengalil

    Super creamy salad.. I wish I could just grab that bowl from the screen. And such wonderful pics Meena. I loved the background. how did u do that?

  2. Rafeeda AR

    that looks really yumm… and thank u darling for the mention… 🙂 i really wish u keep enjoying making from that book… love the mention of ur daughter there! now all kids are like dat dear… they do what you do, so better be careful!!! hehe…

  3. Priya

    So everyone is going FB I guess. Should I or should I not? I had one and I threw it away – May be I should start one for THDK so that I can connect with you all..That apart, loved those clicks and recipe Meena 🙂 And hey, hope to see more of your 'scribbling' 🙂

  4. Reni

    Very colorful and healthy salad,I'm trying this out 🙂 Amazing or should I say perfect clicks 🙂 I liked the way u said about ur daughter 'do what mom does' old is she ?

  5. Meena Kumar

    Ha haa..I thought u would bring it up.May be we are the only two who did not go for it in the beginning. Towards FB It was like detest first then grumble and finally give in :))
    Thank you so much Priya for those encouraging comments.

  6. Sona - quick picks/pick quicks

    what do u mean by saying ” no food site” accept these pictures ?? My !! these are gorgeous clicks..lovely colours, Meena. They take it or not..i like it, anyways.And.. hey ! i have got something for you . hop over to my space. 3 things, u get…2 awards and…a hug !!! 😉 Have a great day ahead !

  7. Chitz

    Haha, love ur scriblings anytime dear, u better keep writing 🙂 And loved all those shots, that's a tempting snack, I prefer to have it as snack, the sweetness of beet & the sorness of creme fraiche, I guess it's a match made in heaven.. Loved it.. And I think we as pre-teens were also like ur kiddo, right?? So is she learning to cook seeing u??

  8. Abbe Townsend

    Oh my goodness me, I would stick my head in that bowl if I could, Meena. I've only recently fallen in love with beetroot and my tongue is almost permanently purple – this is a wonderful way to use it and I'm quite genuinely going to make this. Yum!

  9. easyfoodsmith

    My love for beets is just a year or two old and I must confess that I am glad it was not the case of 'never'! I love beets now and love the pairing with yogurt. The clicks are wonderful and very tempting.

  10. Tisa Jacob

    I love beets and yogurt, will try it with sour cream. Meena, your pictures are lovely and true inspiration. Don't mind what food sites publish and not. It's what you're happy with and drives you to do better and more. Great job.

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