Cocktail Salsa / Fruit Salsa / Tropical fruit salsa for cocktail shrimp

Salsa with fruit, the super tasty appetizer , would u like to see my take on it.

Spring evenings are becoming warm as the days go by yet as sunset hits the cool breeze begin to flutter the drapes….spreading the sweet scent of pineapples ripening reminding me I ready dear.Oh what better way to enjoy evenings can I think of !

An ideal dip for cocktail shrimp (shrimp de veined and cooked ) tortilla chips but if u love to dip fruits in sauces and eat ahhhaa…I can tell u this is perfect heaven because the sauce mimics the fruit flavors, its tangy and sweet.I love the idea of stepping away from the usual recipe and going with what my heart desires at that moment to nibble on something fruity .

Store bought Cocktail Shrimp.


Tomato Ketchup -1/2 cup
Avocado -1/4 of 1 whole cubed
Pineapple – a small piece chopped 
Cilantro – A few strands chopped
Jalapeno – a small piece
Tamarind paste – 3-4 drops / lemon juice -1/4 of 1 
Sugar- a pinch or two 🙂


Mix tomato ketchup , jalapeno , tamarind paste ,,cilantro and sugar .In a clean bowl spread a  fruit layer and then the ketchup layer.Don’t mix it as the avocado will become mushy.
Use this as a guide and increase quantities by adding more fruits if u like kiwi,tart apple etc would suit this recipe.

Do let me know if u like.


26 Replies to “Cocktail Salsa / Fruit Salsa / Tropical fruit salsa for cocktail shrimp”

  1. Sebeena Loyd

    you are an innovative chef and an awesome photographer. Salsa adipoli. keep the good work coming and hey veetil vannal idli undakke tharam oru chaiyum.

  2. Navaneetham Krishnan

    Shrimps are not my fav because of the high cholesterol contents and my laziness in cleaning them. That said, I don't mind diving into the inviting and superbly presented cocktail. Its so tempting and killing me. I just started my day and without breakfast yet, gosh, its a torture looking at the pictures.

  3. Abbe Townsend

    Oh my God, this looks luscious, Meena! You take the most beautiful and appetising photographs. I love the idea of fruit in a salsa, I am genuinely going to have to try this (I love salsa on and in everything).

  4. Nilu A

    I loved how you have clicked these pics.. It's so hot out today and I'm so hungry for it right now Meena 🙂

  5. Tisa Jacob

    Beautiful! I just made shrimp cocktail a few days back. If I had seen the recipe for this dipping salsa, I would've definitely tried it. Great job, Meena.

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