White Russian Cocktail

White Russian Cocktail – Booze + Coffee + cream = Cheers!!

Best Christmas Cocktail for coffee lovers to have during winter season. The most smoothest and creamiest fancy festive drink which can be served warm or cold.

A simple and easy cocktail that is creamy and delicious. It is stirred with Kahlua, vodka and cream.

On another note the background you see in these pics is by the way real snow. We have been getting pretty decent amount this year.

Ingredient options for White Russian

  • Vodka – Use Smirnoff, Absolut, Grey goose ( these are my favorites) but any good quality smooth one should work.
  • Can vodka be swapped with rum? Yes you can and it will be called White Cuban then.
  • Kahlua or cold brew coffee or Instant coffee mixed with water.
  • Cream, milk or half and half. Use skimmed milk and it becomes Skinny White Russian
  • Make it completely dairy free too for the Vegans with almond, soy, oats, cashew or coconut milk.
White Russian cocktail recipe

What I love about this White Russian Cocktail Recipe –

  • You can skip sugar altogether by avoiding Kahlua and making your own cold brew.
  • No cold brew no problem simply use Instant coffee like Nescafe. The caffeine percentages may differ but you wont notice much difference in this cocktail.
  • Minimal ingredients, nothing that is hard to find, the best part is you will look like a pro when you serve the cocktail ! Oh come on don’t you love that!
  • Use an old fashioned glass

Can White Russian cocktail be served warm or cold ?

Warm – Warm up the cream and the coffee brew well then add the vodka just before serving. Heat up the serving glass by microwaving with water. Throw the water and sere the cocktail in it immediately.

Cold – A scoop of vanilla ice cream can be added instead of cream. On the rocks over the ice cubes.

White Russian Cocktail recipe

A superb cocktail with minimal ingredients
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute
Servings 1
Author Meena


  • 30 ml vodka
  • 15 ml Kahlua or cold brew coffee
  • 15 ml cream


  • Fill up an fashioned glass with ice cubes.
  • Pour in the Kahlua, followed by vodka and top it off with cream.
  • Stir a little and serve.


Want to have the White Russian cocktail warm on a cold night ?
Warm up the cream and the cold brew or Kahlua and pour the vodka just before serving. Skip the ice cubes.Heat up the glass too by pouring some water and microwaving it.

Hope yo will give this White Russian cocktail recipe a try.


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