Chicken Roulade (Zero oil recipe) Using Instant pot and on stove top

When you are looking for non greasy options to serve for the elderly, sick, protein watchers, diet watchers or cheese intolerant chicken roulade is a great choice. I mean come on for how long will you rely on soups? Don’t they need a change without any sacrifice on strict diet… How about including this recipe in your plan for this mothers day? It is such an easy meal to put together and guilt free too.


Chicken breast pieces – 2

Spinach – a handful

Coriander leaves/ cilantro – a small bunch

Green chili – 1/2 of 1

Bell pepper – 1/2 of 1

salt and pepper to taste


Chop spinach, coriander leaves bell pepper and chili finely.

Butterfly the chicken carefully by cutting horizontally upto 3/4 th (as shown in the video) then pound it evenly to get a even surface.

sprinkle salt an pepper on both sides off the chicken breasts.

Put 2 tsps of the chopped veggies on one end off the chicken and roll tightly

Take a large aluminium foil keep the chicken roll in the middle and wrap the ends neatly by folding it tightly.

roll the packet well.

In the instant pot:

Pour 2 cups of water and put the trivet that came with instant pot.

  • Place the chicken packets with the seam side up
  • Close the lid and turn the nozzle towards sealing position.
  • After natural pressure release open the lid (this will take 10- 15 minutes) remove packets and set aside to cool slightly.
  • Open the packets and cut the chicken into thick slices.

In stove top method :

  • In a deep dish boil enough water to submerge the packets.
  • When the water begins to boil add the prepared packets and boil for 10 minutes covered. (Ensure the packets are sealed well so water doesn’t seep in)
  • Remove the packets from water and keep it aside to cool down the open the foil and cut the chicken rolls into thick slices and serve.

I have served chicken roulade with Quinoa Salad ( Zero oil recipe) for video recipe link click here

Besides Quinoa salad there is avocado, lemon wedges and a little bit of hot sauce for some heat.


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