Beetroot Hummus made from scratch using instant pot

Beetroot Hummus made from scratch using instant pot- tried and tested recipe.

Beetroot hummus is one of the easiest dip that can be made using an instant pot. Ideal for your Valentine’s day starter. It can be used as a spread any flat bread that is best for your grab and go lunches or before gym snack. It keeps you pretty full or a long time.

Beetroot Hummus made from scratch using instant pot

Or you could make beetroot hummus as a dip for your late evening fun time to have with your drinks like ours. I have made a video too.

I have used the pot in pot method so clean up is very easy… no instant pot is not sponsoring to say this.

Ingredients for beetroot hummus:

Chick peas dried – 1 cup

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

Beetroot – 1 medium size

Sesame seeds – 1 tbsp roasted + few for decoration

Juice of 1 Lime or lemon

Black pepper – 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Garlic clove – 1or 2 (add while grinding beet) (optional)

How to make beetroot hummus from scratch using Instant pot :

Soak the chick peas for 6-8 hours or overnight.

Peel and quickly wash the beet and cut into 4 pieces

  In the instant pot :

  • In the insert pan put the beetroot pour 1/3 cup water. Cover with its lid.
  • In the main pot add the soaked chickpeas and 1 cup water n spread it evenly for even cooking.
  • Put the raised stand on top of the chick peas and place the beetroot insert pan on top of it.
  • Close instant pot’s lid and turn nozzle to sealing position. Press manual mode or pressure cooker mode then press 15 minutes in high pressure.
  • After its cooked and the pressure is released naturally switch off instant pot and open lid. Remove all the inserts and check if the chick peas and beet is cooked well ( if not put or few more minutes add little water)

Drain the chickpeas. In a blender grind beet and chick peas in small batches and short bursts. Add the water from cooked beet, sesame seeds, lime juice, olive oil (3/4 of it) pepper and salt grind to smooth paste.

To serve : Transfer the beet hummus into the serving bowl make a depression in the middle and pour the remaining olive oil and decorate with sesame seeds.

Serve along with pita chips or tortilla chips

Q. Why do you peel and wash beet before cooking?

When the beet is raw it releases much less juice than when it is cooked. I hate to wash off all the betalains present under the skin but all the soil and dirt from peeling needs a quick wash. Betalains is water soluble so make it really quick. Peeling after cooking is a much messier job than u think and the cooked water can’t be used as it is murky.

Q. Can the beetroot be roasted or baked ?

15 minutes of fast steaming is the most efficient way of preserving betalains. Longer cooking time results in steady loss off nutrients.

Q. Can the beetroot be cooked along with chick peas ?

Yes you can. If the beetroot juice squirts all over it can stain the silicone ring.

Q. Can I use canned chick peas for making hummus?

You could use in a hurry but it is always best to start from dried chickpeas if you are looking for softest peas and full health benefit.

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Hope you give Beetroot Hummus made from scratch using instant pot a try.


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