Easy Chocolate Fudge – 2 Minute Microwave Recipe

Chocolate Fudge in 2 mts!

This Valentine’s day is falling on a Sunday this yr how nice right! I am sure all of you have plans in your mind. If there is someone sitting there for last minute ideas like me tadaaa I have got u covered by trying out an easy yet famous internet recipe 🙂
The weather channel says its going to be  – 11°C max and  -21°C is lowest. I am so confused whether to be happy and stay indoors all bundled up n cozy or curse and brave the bitter cold on Vday 🙂 Well, the restaurants and florists are equally confused on the turn-up rate. Amidst soo much uncertainty only one thing is certain  no matter what happens in this world  the number of chocolate lovers will never change.

Speaking of chocolate, I recently met one such  lady who loves chocolate and madly in love with the man of her life. Before u start working ur dirty mind that is her husband 🙂 It makes me believe in love with all its mush… the positive vibe is so contagious right!! To make the long story short, we  ended up doing a full day portrait shoot a couple of days back as part of her surprise  V-day gift for the man. All the work is completed now we both are sitting fingers crossed, excited about revealing the new looks.  I owe her a big thank you for being such a flexible model, willing and ready to try out different looks, effortlessly giving expression, brave the freeze and smile and above all trusting my abilities. It was such a breeze to work with her.
This chocolate post is dedicated to the beautiful lady.

I have not ditched my regular tribe of not so chocolatey people, you have plenty on the blog to choose from like:
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Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips – 12 oz (340g)
Sweetened condensed milk- 14 oz (396 gms) 1can
Dry fruits – as needed (any colorful ones without seed)
Here I have used dried apple, apricot, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, pistachios (powdered and as nuts too)
1.Line a baking dish with parchment paper with little excess on the sides so u have enough space to pull once the fudge is se.t Keep it ready. (I used two loaf pans as I wanted it as bars.)
2.Plan if u would like to do a  design.  Cut the dry fruit into the desired shape.
3.Take a microwave safe glass bowl and pour the entire condensed milk mix half the chocolate chips into it. Microwave for 30 seconds remove the bowl stir the contents well and return to microwave repeat the process after every 30 seconds so the chips are completely melted and combined remove then add the rest of the chocolate chips allow it to sit for a minute then mix everything well and  pour it into the lined tray. Set the dry fruits in the pattern you choose and press lightly  (This has to be done fast else the dry fruits will not stick to the chocolate well). Allow to cool completely then set in the refrigerator for 2 hours. 
Cut into the required shape and serve.
To get neat edges dip the knife in hot water wipe with a paper napkin then cut. Repeat for every slice. 
I made strawberry and blueberry dried in the oven. Cut the strawberry into thin slices and keep on a parchment paper and leave it in the warm mode(in lowest possible setting) to dry remove and air dry overnight if slightly damp.
If u leave the fudge at room temperature then it will become soft when refrigerated it become firm. If u like the lil fudge to be sturdy n firm at room temp then u may add 1/2 cup roasted nuts powdered while melting the chocolate chips.
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