Chocolate Covered Strawberries / Valentine’s Day Recipes

Bundle of berries covered in chocolate.

   Sounds romantic right ! I too feel the same. Have you ever thought of buying them ready made from the store ? Oh my God! I just happen to see the price of some of those fancy boxes …I would say outrageous!! I know there are many takers for the boxes during Valentine’s Day. Well, I agree u should impress your date when ur partner know very little about you little lavishness may go a long way but once u are committed in the relationship then I guess going little DIY is ok cause  ur partner knows u in and out. U know ..   like how u get angry at the tip of the hat or get upset on petty issues will all that cover up in one exorbitantly priced edible gift that will not even last more than a day or two .  Upto you to decide 🙂 Come on… you want a hand written note but not a homemade gift is that fair ?? :)))

I know I could have done a better job looking at the green stem and picked a better box now that I look at the pics. Since the green is not edible and only for eye appeal I guess u will pardon me btw within 10 minutes the plate was clean so that did leave me happy.

Though a little messy it is well worth the effort for your loved one is all I can say.
Fresh ripe strawberry – 8-10
Dark chocolate chips  – 1 cup (approx)  I have used #Nestle dark and milk chocolate morsels here 
White  chocolate chips 1 cup (approx)
Sprinkles -as required
1.Wash the strawberries thoroughly and dry them completely using a paper towel even the leaves. (Moisture prevents chocolate from coating well.)
2. Steam method:
If u want to use the steam method heat a cup of water in a sauce pan when it boils keep a glass bowl on top of it.make sure the water does not touch the bowl on top.Melt ur chocolate in it by stirring continuously until u get a flowy lump free texture.
  Microwave the chocolate chips for a minute in a glass bowl, mix it into a smooth lump free paste with a spoon.(Use separate bowls for each color)
3. Then roll the strawberry in the chocolate lift and slightly tap off excess. Keep it on a parchment or wax paper to dry.(If u keep it on a plate it will be difficult to lift it once dry.)
4.Draw swirls & patterns with tooth pick. Decorate according to your wish with sprinkles.
5. Refrigerate to harden the chocolate shell.
   Serve chilled on the same day.
Donot add even a drop of water while melting. It prevents from sticking and drying on strawberries and will not give u the desired effect.
White chocolate will not solidify as good as dark chocolate. If u need only white chocolate go for molding ones such as candy melts for dipping to get a clean effect. Plain white chocolate chips do not give a smooth flowy texture you may be looking for and sometimes turn grainy.
Remember chocolate does not melt away like butter u need to stir it to get the smooth texture if u over heat it will simply burn so keep an eye.

Now that u have spent a fraction of the cost for your lovely looking strawberries u can splurge on something your partner will like and uses few times 🙂
Hope you like it.

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