5 Favorite Holiday Cookies

Holiday cookies made with everything available in your pantry. I like to use random things to give shape to cookies like bottle caps for the rounds, glass bottles for impressions, scissors for the cinnamon cookies and small serving tongs for the dates cookies. You wont need cookie cutters for any of these cookies. But if u have them feel free to use it.
These stained glass cookies are so much fun to make and good way to use up Halloween hard candies. It is cookie & candytogether so kids have so much fun eating them. They can be used as  pretty centerpieces on ur coffee table during Holiday season, Could be hung on the Christmas tree like this. Here is the printable recipe .

Impression cookies are simple sugar cookies with cute impressions made with items available at home for ideas see here and for the printable recipe please click here

These Cinnamon Cookies are made from store bought pie crust dough with just cinnamon powder and sugar.It simply cut and bake recipe.I have done a step by step pic post here so it is much easier for you to understand and here is the printable recipe

These are dates filled cookies made with made store bought pie crust and baking dates.Just two ingredients and you get a Middle eastern cookie How cool is that.To see how to fold and get the desire effect see step by step  here and for the printable recipe click here

These are pumpkin Snickerdoodle cookies filled with all the warming spices.For step by step instruction click here and printable recipe is available here 

More ideas from Food Network friends:

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