Fall Postcards – II

Here are some random pics of Fall that I took.All of them convey different moods as if they were characters in a movie, so please sit back and enjoy.   Click on Fall postcards part – I if u missed first part.

Let me begin with
to my beloved husband
(for stopping the car in all odd places and patiently waiting while I took pics. )
Hmmm… Are they singing a duet !
Same place on different days
Foggy day
Have you heard the question there were 5 birds on a tree, a hunter shot one how many are left ?
Did u say 4 well seems like !
That’s the spot light and my favorite
Come let us have a cup of coffee ….
Fall is almost over, the thick blankets have formed in the sky …oh God !
Hope you like it.

17 Replies to “Fall Postcards – II”

  1. Radha Natarajan

    breathtaking!! I love fall pics as I have seen these colours in U.S some years ago and can never forget them..my favourite season..captured very well

  2. Rafeeda AR

    Such amazing clicks Meena… love your eye for beauty… after all nature is much appreciated by those who are able to look more than what is on its surface!!! Those sunflower clicks remind me of my favorite song, “Tujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam”!!! Hehe…

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