Carrot Cake with Coconut and Raisins

Carrot Cake with Coconut and Raisins is the most delicious nut flavored cake with juiciness of carrot and raisins.

What is ur relationship with carrot – love or hate ? 
If you are on the border line ready to like it then come fall in love.

Here is a super easy cake to make. No complications , just mix wet and dry ingredients separately and combine it gently and bake that is all.
The cake is really delicious with juicy carrot & raisins and the crunch of the coconut & pecans. The sugar syrup makes it moist too.The texture of the cake is crumbly and dense.
The baking aroma of coconut is equal to spa therapy. I bet it will elivate ur spirits.


Have you tried the Outback Steak House carrot cake OMG thats the best I have tried so far.I have been craving for that since few days so thought why not try  it at home. I am glad to have succeeded to a great extend. I should have added some canned pineapple pieces and its juice to make it complete.
 I made only 6 slices as one whole cake with two layers is too much for us to finish…Come onn …now one piece of carrot cake is too less for me  two is the minimum I like. So exactly six  slices not less  and not more to make us feel guilty on overindulgence. 

I could take hardly 5 pics of the cake.The Sun sets before 4 p.m these days. Can u believe it !
I am yet to catch up with this routine.


Ingredients:  Makes only 6 slices
Carrot -2 medium freshly grated
Dry coconut grated / flakes-  1 cup (I used sweetened flakes)
Raisins -1/2 cup chopped
Pecan -1/2 cup chopped
Dry Ingredients :
All purpose flour – 2 cups
Baking powder- 1 tsp
Baking soda – 1 tsp
Brown sugar – 1/2 cup
White granulated sugar- 1/2 cup
Cinnamon powder- -1 tsp
Nutmeg powder-1/4th tsp
Wet Ingredients :
Vegetable oil/ Olive oil – 1/2 cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Sugar syrup:(This is the secret of keeping the cake moist)
Sugar- 1 tbsp and Water – 1/2 cup. Mix and keep it ready.

Cream Cheese – 1/2 of 8 oz pack in room temp
Unsalted butter- 2 tbsp in room temp
Fresh Cream – 1 tbsp
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Powdered sugar – around 2 cups

Few Pecans for decoration.

Mix the dry ingredients
Combine grated carrot,coconut , raisins and pecan chopped and mix with the dry ingredients mixture.
Beat the eggs add oil and the essence mix well.
Finally combine the dry and wet parts together.Mix until well incorporated.
Bake at 350 F for 30-35 minutes.Until the cake tester comes out clean.
Let the cake cool down on wire rack after resting in the cake pan for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile whip the frosting ingredients and keep it ready. Add fresh cream little more if u want to thin out the frosting a bit.

For assembling:
If the cake has risen in the center. Cut slightly on top to level it .Cut the cake into two in the exact middle.Sprinkle sugar syrup on both pieces.
Spread 2 tbsp or so of frosting on first  half of cake and mount the second cake half on top of it.
Spread the remaining frosting on the cake evenly. Decorate with pecans and refrigerate.
This helps the frosting to set well.

To slice:
Heat the knife in hot water and wipe with paper towel  then slice the cake. Repeat heating and wiping for every slice to get really clean edges & neat slices , no smears of frosting.


When you want just a piece of cake -Why make two cakes to layer when u can cut it into half and layer one on top of the other?

Hope u like it

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16 Replies to “Carrot Cake with Coconut and Raisins”

  1. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    yummy carrot cake there… I have never tried it from outback steakhouse…now that u say , I have to taste it the next time I am there…I make it with just raisins in it…addition of granted coconut would make it even more yumm…got to try it

  2. Shibi Thomas

    I love carrot cake especially when they are spiced up and not too sweet. Tell me about the sunlight :(. Wish I had compiled some recipe in Summer and took pictures when the sun was bright to post in winter…..hmmm…too late for that now 🙂

  3. Easyfoodsmith

    I share a love-hate relationship with carrots. I hate them as savories but love them in desserts and sweets 🙂
    And goes without saying I am loving your carrot cake. It sounds amazing with coconut and the texture looks beautiful.

  4. Rafeeda AR

    Carrot cake and I am flat!!! I love it, especially umma's version… hopefully will share it soon… this looks so good with all that has gone into it…. and makes only 6 slices??? ONLY??? 😛

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