Creamy Potato Salad with Mint

How about a beautiful lilac and white wedding ?

Such a beautiful color combination! A luxurious and royal feel for an elegant summer wedding with lavender flower arrangement .Sounds romantic 🙂  

Speaking of wedding  theme mine was gold, sparkle and people :))
I am constantly asked ,”So where did you guys meet? ” Well that question has no significance so I most often politely smile and stray away because  I hate to offer disappointment but when some people are persistent I cannot but tell the truth ….  to them I say most weddings begin with horoscopes matching on hearing that they sit upright and lean forward  then they hear that our parents decide,on that their eyes pop.The dutiful kids meet mostly only on the tea ceremony or engagement day. Whatttt!!!! … At that point  they look totally dismayed as if they were reading a suspense thriller that started to sound very unrealistic and I was confusing them even further.  When I continue to give them trivial details like it a pompous affair even for the ordinary people, with minimum 500-1000 people attend the wedding and feast…. their jaws drop. Why… why…. in the world do u feed so many people are they ur relatives ? Sensible question right ! that is what I too asked my mother a decade plus back :))
Now don’t ask me if arranged marriage is good or bad I have no answer for that but thats how it works in most Indian weddings. Let me leave that on a good note,the bride and the groom does not spend a penny from their own pocket for these extravaganzas ,bill footed by parents, thats customary:) . Hope some people feel better and relieved now 🙂

Sorry for the abrupt topic change, here is a  very traditional potato salad. My daughter was getting tired of the vegan diet I was trying to introduce so for a change these purple and golden yellow beauties are dunked in mayo.

Ingredients :
Purple potato – 1/2 lb
Yellow potato -1/2 lb
Mayonnaise – 4 tbsp
Garlic and parsley powder- 1 tsp
Yellow/Black mustard seeds freshly crushed -1/2 tsp or less or Dijon mustard -2 tsp
Whole black pepper corn crushed freshly -1/2 tsp
Mint leaves -5-6 leaves roughly torn with hand
Lemon -1/2 of 1 ( juice)
Salt to taste

Method :
Steam the potatoes until a knife can be inserted not mushy. When it cools carefully peel and cut into bite size pieces.(I find that steaming potatoes retain their shape boiling the makes it mushy purple one especially.
Mix mayo ,mustard ,pepper mint leaves and salt together until everything is well combined then add the potatoes and gently stir until potatoes are coated.(I like few colors peeking here and there.) Refrigerate for an hour and serve as a side dish for spicy meat dishes and barbecues.
Or how about a beach themed party with some cooked Conchiglie (pasta shells) with potato salad or cooked and flavored Conchiglioni (jumbo shells) filled with the salad  how pretty is that !

Note : Use baby potatoes they look really cute .
Usually dill and spring onion is used instead of mint.

Here is vegan,dairy free potato salad idea- Purple Potato Salad with grapefruit vinaigrette. 
Hope you like it.
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17 Replies to “Creamy Potato Salad with Mint”

  1. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    Potato salad so mouthwatering good… love those colours and yes that colour is so refreshing…love all the pics but the best one being the second pic….love ur description of indian weddings… its so true that u get strange looks when u try describing it

  2. Smitha Kalluraya

    wat a color those potatoes have… they look so tempting…
    interesting writeup abt weddings to start with .I too wonder whats the need of calling so many ppl for wedding

  3. easyfoodsmith

    How I wish I could grab some purple potatoes to make this gorgeous salad. As for the love marriages versus the arranged marriage (which is the better of the two devils), i read this joke which said it is like asking do you prefer suicide or murder ;-P

  4. Priyas Feast

    Love purple potatoes as creamy salad…I am glad to spoke the truth about indian weddings..But it is good to feed so many people on special day,as they say when tummy is satisfied ,people cannot skip blessing the couple or the family…

  5. Reni

    I've never seen a prurple potato in my life and the colours look so beautiful.You've done a wonderful job capturing the colours ! Looks real tempting ! I love salads ! And honestly people give me a look like 'She's lost it' here,when I tell them about wedding style ;:) Don't we feel like laughing too when we think about it:)Loved ur wedding theme 🙂

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