Rain, Rainbow and Rambling

Hope you all are doing good. Long time right ! I missed u all. Thank you so much to all those who messaged and enquired, it was really sweet of you to do that and to all those who thought where did this female vanish 🙂 . 

To make up for my  absence  here is a gist of everything that happened around me. Oh no.. I am not going to spare you the details like it or not ! 🙂
Few days back we moved from west end of the country to the east end,(CA to CT). We have moved so many times earlier too yet this was the hardest not that I had to travel on horseback or anything but it did take me that long to settle :)) .. There were so many things that kept me engaged which I could not put off .

Moving is never easy even for the organized so needless to say how insanely chaotic it turned out to be for the less organized. Wish gadgets were the only things to be packed in my house then  life would have been easier as the gadget guru would have taken care of it all and  I would not have to lift my little finger.Unfortunately since gadgets have not taken over our lives completely and I still cook, eat and do millions of different things and they all needed to be fitted into cartons to join us on the joy ride. Well, as luck would have it, the movers did not show up on time finally arriving at the last moment ..the day we were leaving just to seal the cartons and write breakable….  I am happy in a way they did not pack my food blogging stuff or they would have thought I am a scrap dealer 🙂

Oh! my joy ride does not end there .. .Computer break down, house hunting, school hunting, doctor visits, unpacking u name it I have been working my butt off. Not to mention the bickering that my man and I had to bite down.U may read it as two adorable human beings’ reactions under stress. I was so glad to hear from all my blogger friends wishing me luck on that front in my earlier post 🙂 .

Looks like more of cloudy days and less light awaits me above all the tropical girl that I am, donoo how I am going to survive in the snow. Only time will tell. End of whining part one. … Okay now I feel relieved  🙂

 Here are few pics that I took before leaving CA.


Getting ready for selfie. 

Ya thats how far he was :)) I could not get any of that man’s running poses.I wonder how that selfie turned out when one has to run fast, sit and then smile I bet mine would have looked scary 🙂

                                                           ‘Watch like a hawk ‘


Lets keep it hot and brewing…..

Hope you guys like it.


24 Replies to “Rain, Rainbow and Rambling”

  1. Linsy Patel

    Glad to know you are all settled or getting there. Welcome to this side of the country. Let's not talk about snow right now and enjoy this awesome weather.

  2. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    Hey Meena….so glad to see u back in action…trust me, snow has its own beauty…I am sure u would love it there…

    Tell me about the food blogging props considered as scrap… I too packed it myself when we moved and now that my mom is here, she keeps pulling my legs pointing out to those .. I guess only one food blogger can see beauty in other food bloggers the so called 'scrap' 🙂

  3. Rafeeda AR

    I am just staring at the pics!!! The rains… just calmed and poured down my mind!!! Beautiful… hope u come to action pretty soon… love that last pic, class!

  4. Rekha Vengalil

    So glad to have you back girl… 🙂 You have taken some amazing pictures i should say! I love the one you have captured in the rain 🙂 Take care

  5. Navaneetham Krishnan

    Been wondering why I've not seen any post from you. And now, this post explains it all. I can understand what moving and settling down can be. Still remember when we did it few years back. Glad to see you back and gladly will be waiting to see your delicious recipes.

  6. Gayathri Ramanan

    Welcome meena..wow…Lovely and amazing photography especially love the first pic – beautifully captured….what camera are you using meena ?

  7. Preetha Soumyan

    Welcome Back.. Meena… glad that u have settled urself and back to happy blogging.. I know how it is to shift from one place to another…..waiting for ur posts.. I have to say beautifully captured…all the pics…can make out .. u are relaxed and settled now…

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