New York Postcards

To continue my sequel of food surprises from my earlier post this time the question posed was,” Do u want to see New York again?” Even before I could respond the grown child whom I carried till yesterday said, ” I am ready dad!”

Flat iron building..
New York is a place to walk around and see. But Xmas is the wrong day to be in NY for a foodie like me. .. the only day all restaurants there are closed. Indian was our last choice but only resort that day. The famous South Indian ones had queue till the end of the road .Near to it we found just a table empty at this Bengali restaurant Haldi and went for the unlimited meal oh myy  the food was phenomenal (this is not a paid post :)) and the waiter served us unlimited softest naan I have ever had, sizzling curries and chicken kabab how cool is that! But for the noisy Indians having lunch there the small, neat and tidy place gets 5 stars.  Well, why so much hue and cry on food.. when u are on ur foot the whole day looking for a good place to eat u will know why :)) 
Crysler building during day and night (below)
Views from Empire State Building
New York Life insurance building
Views became hazy after a while it looked like brush strokes and I have done some crazy stuff to the pics:)) Rockefeller was jam packed forget taking pics I could not even lift my hand. Saks Fifth Avenue light show was spectacular I would say must watch if u are in New York city.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year.


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  1. Dolphia Nandi-Arnstein

    i am going to be a very harsh critic as you know I love you and your work very much.
    Picture #1 is the best.
    I know you're aiming for low contrast picture, but it does not appeal to many like me always. Matte photographs are amazing when it comes to still life. You set your bar at a hight, so all I want is the best and best from you! 🙂

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