Peasant Omelette

Peasant Omelette is a rich version of the simple omelette.

Treat yourself once in a while with a  breakfast so heavy that someone should remind you that  its your lunch time. A  peasant who works in the farm all day definitely needs such a hardy meal to keep him going but these days soccer moms,stage moms, angry moms,  helicopter moms are all overworked than peasants  so they too could try this stuffed omelette 😉
Now u may be thinking… do I fall into the above categories hmm…. yes and no 🙂

It is so strange how simple things in life matter the most to us.
Few years back my husband came to the US then after few months he insisted that the little one and I should come over. So I reached here one night jet lagged, tired, worried how the new land would  be etc..etc….. A chubbier looking husband and party was there to receive us at the airport. I was standing there smiling amidst all the weiriness  and he on the other hand rushed to check if I got all the boxes off the conveyor belt. 🙂 Instead another Indian lady hugs me and welcomes me.:)). They fed us for the next 2 days while I slept and woke up at ungodly hours. As I had not started cooking my husband suggested going out and having dinner. So we went to this chain. I looked at the menu like a question paper, ran my eyes up and down and finally chose an omelette..something I had eaten all my life how bad could it be !
 As we waited for our order I found the waitresses taking food for all the other tables something with strong egg smell. I  asked my husband where the main menu card was. He looked at me through the corner of the eye and smiled. Just then my order came.. the plate overflowing with food.A large stuffed to max omelette and pancakes.That is when it dawned on me that omelette can be a full dinner ..Oh what a filling meal that was!  I later dragged myself to the car thinking now I know why he looks chubby and what they mean by potion sized meal 🙂

Ingredients: for one omelette
Eggs- 2 (beat it well)
Potato – 1/2
White onion – 1/2
Tomato -1/2
Spring onion – 1 sprig
Cheddar cheese- 1 tbsp grated
Butter- 2 tsp
Salt and Pepper to taste
Cooked bacon – 2 slices cut into pieces(optional) I have not added here

1.Boil the potato mash it and add salt  keep aside.Dice the white onion and tomato chop spring onion.
2.Melt butter in a small pan saute the onion in it until slightly softens remove it and in the same pan pour the beaten egg spread it sprinkle salt and pepper when it is 3/4 done carefully turn it upside down spread the potato,bacon,onion,tomato and spring onion in the middle and then cheese on top.Fold the omelette and serve hot with toasted bread fruits or veggies of your choice.

Hope to hear from u lovely people out there.

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21 Replies to “Peasant Omelette”

  1. Linsy Patel

    So true, here they waste more food than any other countries n then complain aboutoobesity. I just love omelets but Indian way, fully cooked. My favorite is western omelet. This is perfect for anytime.

  2. Priya Tessa

    Potato n cheese n eggs n bacon and veggies….my o my..I can feel myself full already!! Nice post Meena, should try this on some day when I am in a mood to have a full calorie meal…hi hi…once in while as you said ..we moms do need that!

  3. kumars kitchen

    nothing better than having a nourishing and filling omelette for breakfast…even as a snack…delicious,healthy and quick to make recipe,thanks 🙂

  4. Rafeeda AR

    i was just smiling at ur intro… my sister used to say that they used to order meal for one, and both of them used to it, with people staring at them! hehe… this omelette looks so filling… i'm bookmarking this to try sometime for sure…

  5. Sathya Priya

    hmm very filling breakfast for me .If its for dinner then def its heavy agree with me .Ur opinion is very true ..on a foreign land how we feel , i cant forget those moments like my marriage ,childbirth ?.

  6. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    That is one filling breakfast… I too had no idea that omelettes could make up for a meal untill I came here and had these….we then started making it for breakfast quite often and these days its less frequent at our home so that we could cut down the egg consumption

  7. Nupur UK-Rasoi

    The title got my attention !! I usually treat myself every weekend with such breakfast 😀

    Love the addition of spring onions to the Omelette, they bring very nice flavours in, no !? 🙂

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