Broccoli and Bell pepper soup / Broccoli and Capsicum Soup

Before you run away thinking there is mashed and ground broccoli in it let me tell you the green tint of the soup comes from the bell pepper πŸ™‚

The broccoli florets are not mashed unidentifiably but steamed and put inside this delicious soup so that you get to see the bright greens and eat them.

Seeing all the bright colors of veggies is so much fun than grinding the whole thing into one odd colored soup.I am sure u guys will agree on that right!
Β The bell pepper gives a beautiful aroma.If you think the color is too green for you then go for the other colored ones.

Ingredients: (Serves 3)
Broccoli – 1( medium size)
Bell pepper/ Capsicum – 1/2 of 1
White onion -1/2 of 1
Garlic – 5 flakes
All purpose flour – 4 tsp
Heavy cream / fresh cream or whole milk – 1/3 cup
Butter /cooking oil -2 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste.

Garnish /Topping:
Carrot slices – (Steps for making flower in the end)
Sharp grated cheddar cheese
Sunflower seeds


  • Cut broccoli into florets.(U may use the thick stem part by chopping finely and cooking it along with bell pepper in the next step but I did not use it here ) Wash the florets well and steam them until Β cooked.and keep aside.
  • Heat butter and when it melts slightly add garlic chopped,when it turns golden add the onion chopped saute for a few minutes then the bell pepper chopped saute until tender add salt,pepper and all purpose flour reduce flame and keep stirring until the flour gives out a nice aroma (take care not to burn the bottom) now add 1 glass of water ,mix well and cook it till the flour has no raw taste.
  • Let the mixture cool down. Grind this in a blender or with a hand blender.
  • Bring the mixture back to boil adding more water( according to the thickness u want for the soup).At this stage add the steamed broccoli floret and the milk/ cream let it boil for one more minute switch off flame,garnish and serve immediately with croutons,oyster crackers or bread.

Carrot flower:
Don’t overlook the flower power! It really brightens the soup.
Wash and clean the carrot.Cut it diagonally then with a potato peeler make thin strips, roll it .Make a small cut with a knife(not too deep) and tuck the end of the strip inside.Simply roll one more strip and put inside the first roll. There are two strips in a flower.

Hope to hear from u lovely people out there.

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38 Replies to “Broccoli and Bell pepper soup / Broccoli and Capsicum Soup”

  1. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    First it was Divya with the broccoli soup…now u too…. Sathyam paranjal, broccoli kazhichal inji kadicha kurangane pole anne njan… But that is with the normal steamed or sauted broccoli..never tried soup… I will give it a try…hopefully it should change my attitude towards it.

    Love the carrot flower πŸ™‚ Will try decorating it for our Xmas potluck..

  2. Jeanette | Jeanette's Healthy Living

    I love the beautiful garnishes on top of your broccoli soup – so pretty and I agree garnishes can make all the difference when presenting a soup. I love mixing different textures and colors on top of creamy soups.

  3. Divya Shivaraman

    i cant stop laughing on your comment anu…edo broccoli tasty ya its really crunchy…enda mollu pachakku kezhikum…trust me both of us have a recipe that has flavors of broccoli but not its actual taste that many people dont love…

  4. Divya Shivaraman

    Meena….lovely soup…now am learning other ways to use capsicum other than fried rice or noodles….broccoli ende fav annu and i love them just like that getting steamed by its own in hot soup….yummy…lovely recipe da…anu de comment chiri varunnu πŸ™‚

  5. Rekha Vengalil

    Anupa you are too funny … Your comments get me laughing aloud.
    Meena the soup looks delicious. Me too love that carrot flower πŸ™‚

  6. Smitha Kalluraya

    come winter n wat else do we crave other than something hot hot .. this bowl looks perfect for the season. Filled with oodles of nutrients n yum to to the core…

  7. Priya R

    Such a beautiful soup. I think I need a master class with you Meena for food photography and styling. Those carrot curls are too pretty and that first line of your post made me laugh πŸ˜‰

  8. Rafeeda AR

    i've always seen broccoli staring at me, but never pick it up myself… my sis had it when she used to be in states, and it used to be one of her favorite veges for thoran it seems… the soup looks really appealing, i may have a go at the bowl considering i love green color… πŸ™‚ lovely photos and nice deco up there, i've no patience to curl those carrots into flowers though, may eat it up as is!!! hehe…

  9. Swathi iyer

    Adipoli soup, pinae when I try making brocoli I will add some sambar powder to make it indian. You version of soup looks delicious awesome carrot flower.

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