Cabbage Roll / Stuffed Cabbage with Turkey

Cabbage leaves stuffed with meat and rice.
At this time of Thanksgiving I would really love to say thank you to all my dear readers and blog friends for all your encouragement and support.

If you like cabbage then this is a must try dish.Once the leaves are blanched it is really surprising how well it rolls up and holds the stuffing inside.

Stuffed Cabbage is a popular dish in many parts of the world.Check here to know more about the variations in the stuffing.

Hope you guys in this part of the world are ready for the Thanksgiving celebration.Here is a recipe to finish up the left over turkey  by giving it a nice make over 🙂
The same method can be used for leftover boneless chicken /beef / pork.

Ingredients: yields 7-8 rolls
Boneless Turkey (cooked) – 2 cups shredded (pulse in the food processor if u want)
White onion- 1 roughly chopped
Garlic- 3-4 flakes (minced)
Ginger- a small piece(minced)
Green chili – 1 seeds removed (optional)
Tomato- 1
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh Parsley leaves – a few, chopped
Cooked long grain rice – 3-4 tbsp ( wild rice / corn / brown rice / Quinoa / Couscous)
Cabbage leaves- 8 large (without blemishes or tears)


  • Heat 2 tsp cooking oil and add ginger garlic and green chili when the color begins to change slightly add onion and saute until transparent then add the chopped tomato and continue sauting until slightly mashed now add the shredded meat put on a slow flame until the whole thing becomes dry.Now add the cooked rice saute for two minutes until everything mixes well .Sprinkle chopped parsley.
  • In the mean time separate the large cabbage leaves.Cut off a small portion off the stem as seen in steps pic 7 without cutting the inside of it.If there are tougher stems to the side lightly cut off that too.
  • Heat water in a large pot filled to more than half ,bring it to a boil add a tsp of salt.Hold the cabbage leaves with tongs and completely immerse the leaf in the boiling water.When it begins to limp remove and keep aside, do this for all leaves.
  •  Into each prepared leaf put 2-3 tsp of rice and meat mixture by keeping the stem part facing you..Roll by folding sides first then stem towards the tip of the leaf as seen in pic 10,11 and 12 .Keep the seam side down.
  • It is ready to eat as it is because everything is cooked .U may bake it by sprinkling some cheese on top.Bake until cheese melts.
  • Serve it with leftover gravy / Tomato sauce / sour cream.

Hope you liked it.

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40 Replies to “Cabbage Roll / Stuffed Cabbage with Turkey”

  1. Priya R

    Wow this is sure a great dish for thanksgiving Meena would love to try this sometime when we have guests around. Totally new to this idea

  2. Rafeeda AR

    there is a very similar dish in arabic cuisine, where they roll half cooked rice and chicken with vegetables in grape leaves, steam it and serve… this is more easier, no steaming involved!!! looks so good, and love the snaps, the color of the cabbage is just awesome…

  3. Yes Cook

    Meena I am in love with this wrapped cabbage preparation. I so want to try this as soon as I possibly can. I have had lettuce wraps and love them. I really like the filling made by you too. Beautiful clicks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reni

    They look so professional the clicks and the rolls ! You wouldn't believe me I 've been searching for a recipe with cabbage leaves like this for some time 🙂 thanks a ton for sharing 🙂 do we need to fry or steam in the end ? the baking idea is wonderful too ….

  5. Meena Kumar

    Thank you so much Reni.I have blanched the leaves before wrapping until it became almost limp plus all the other ingredients are cooked .Steaming is usually done when raw meat is used inside.

  6. Sebeena Loyd

    beautifully done. Anglo-Indians back in Kochi make this. Here in UAE, arabs make dolmas with vine leaves. Both are yummy.

  7. Radha Natarajan

    such a lovely recipe even though am veg, I just love the way you put it together,have share dit i my fb food page , getting rav reviews too, thanks for sharing this. need less to say stunning clicks too.

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