Chili garlic fish -the easy way / Fish glazed in chili garlic sauce

Tilapia or Swai fillets are excellent for making this easy version of chili garlic fish.If u want to whip up something fast some sauces really come in handy to make the twist like the chili garlic sauce.I skip coating fish in the batter and deep frying instead I shallow fry the fish with two or three teaspoons of oil,carefully in a non stick pan without crumbling it.


Tilapia/Swai fillets-2-3
Chili powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Lime juice- 1 tbsp
Chili garlic sauce-1tbsp(I used Vietnamese Huy Fong hot chili garlic sauce)
spring onion- 2 chopped 
Salt to taste


1.Cut the fish into small pieces and marinate with chili powder, turmeric powder , Salt and lime juice.Let it rest for at least half an hour.
2.Fry the fish pieces in veg oil till both the sides are golden brown in batches.Remove fried pieces and in the same pan add a tsp of oil or more and saute onion till transparent and slightly soft.Put  the chili garlic sauce sprinkle some water and saute for a minute or two.
3.Put the fried fish pieces back into the pan, give it a gentle toss .Switch off flame garnish with  spring onions chopped.
Serve warm with as a side dish for fried rice or chappathi…

When u find that fish has an earthy taste this recipe works best because the vinegar in the sauce does the trick.
I use non stick pan for making this so that the sauce doesnot stick to the bottom and change its color.

Let me know if u liked my innovative version. 

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