Kerala fish curry / Thenga aracha meen curry

Fish is marinated in spices and cooked with gambooge and topped off with a coconut paste.Now whats so special about this? you may ask.
My answer would be gambooge / kodumpuli imparts a smoky and tangy flavor to the fish and the gravy.Fish is cooked in an earthenware which makes all the difference one is sure to notice.

I cannot explain in words how it feels to enter a house where seafood is simmering on stove top …I become a cat that plans to dive into the dishSmileys

Gambooge / Kodumpuli

Kerala(India),ya that’s my state, has a long coastline and seafood is abundant hmmm.. every district or even each household has a different recipe when it comes to seafood dishes. 

Let me tell you how I make:

fish fillets-2 (tilapia,swai,salmon or any fish of ur choice)
red onion-1(if u have the patience ,use 20-30 pearl onions.It will enhance flavor by 200%)
gambooge /kudam puli-2 pieces(soaked in half cup hot water)
ginger-1″ piece
green chili-1

coriander powder-1tsp(optional)
chili powder-1 tsp
kashmiri chili pd-2 tsp (any mild chili pd can be used .This is to give gravy red color)
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp and again a 1/4 tsp(u will find out)
fenugreek.1/2 tsp(dry roasted and powdered)
lime juice-1/4 of a lime

coconut grated – 1 handful 
pearl onion 6-7
curry leaves-a few
coconut oil to season
salt -to taste

Now method

1.Clean and wash fish ,cut it into small pieces(I snip it with scissors)  marinate it with turmeric pd,chili pd,lime juice and salt.Keep aside for half an hr to marinate.

2.Mince ginger ,cut onion into thin length pieces and cut once more (so that it won’t look like noodle in the curry:) 

3.Grind grated coconut adding 1/2 cup water to fine consistency( or it will float on top )

4.Heat oil put ginger when raw smell goes add onion and saute it till it is transparent then add green chili, turmeric pd,kashmiri chili pd,coriander pd when powders turn slightly brownish add kudampuli (with the water it is soaked in)and 2 cups of water.let it boil.

5 .Add fish let it simmer on low heat for 15 -20 minutes until fish is cooked thoroughly .

6.Pour the coconut  paste,fenugreek powder swirl the dish till everything is well combined and remove from flame.Do not mix with spoon as fish tends to crumble. 

7.To season heat oil add sliced pearl onion and curry leaves.pour on top of the curry. 

 Let it sit for at least  for 2 hours so the flavors sink in and the gravy would thicken slightly.
Goes well with red rice or Kappa / Yucca root mashed

I haven’t used garlic in this dish.
I have used two types of chili pd so one gives heat and other is for color .Make it as much hot as you want .
You can use the canned coconut milk instead of fresh .

Think of me when you prepare this curry:) and let me know what you think.


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