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Watermelon cooler / Agua fresca

With summer comes watermelon and I have not lived through even one summer till date without these crisp red pieces.

So fond of watermelon,never got over it or may be ..never want to , I love it with a teaspoon of sugar per serving.Oh the red color makes it great visually tooo..After a heavy meal when my sweet tooth still longs for a something sweet I just a grab a glass of chilled watermelon drink ..sheer happiness comes from little things too don’t u think so…..

Not a drop of water is added to dilute except may be some ice.

It is so silly to call it a recipe so..Cut out a 1/2 ripe watermelon .Then chop it up into pieces of any size u like.I like to have bite size chunks and sometimes add sugar like snow on top .The juice dissolves it by its own .Refrigerate it till ready to eat.Finish within a day or two..

My thirst is quenched!!Β 
A post that I had done sometime back reposting but with some face lift ie; new pictures still not happy with the outcome so ya ya… will work on it as water melon would be present in my kitchen for a few months now πŸ™‚
Drink it ,cool off and let me know πŸ™‚



  1. So refreshing and delicious! Lovely color! You have a lovely space! Do visit/follow my blog at- πŸ™‚

  2. Love the click .. Such a good Thirst Quencher .. I love the way ice cube has been kept and how it is melting ..

  3. My thirst needs to be quenched..trying to sip from the screen ;-/ Lovely pictures Meena, and have I mentioned… a lovely blog name too!

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