Cabbage thoran / Muttakose upperi / Cabbage stir -fry Kerala style

Cabbage thoran is a side dish for rice .It is served for a humble home meal and for elaborate feast too.Cabbage goes well with meat dishes without over powering flavor and also with strict vegetarian Kerala sadhya . Adding garlic is optional ,but I would recommend adding it.

When you make meat dishes like nadan kozhi curry  or beef ularthiyathu etc..need some vegetable to balance              
hee..hhee….appearance wise too.. it acts as a filler side dish..
Ripe green chili imparts a sweet smell and the red stand out too.Ya..the same one u trash out thinking its ripe..
Try it u will feel the difference instantly.


Cabbage-1/2 of one full chopped finely
mustard,whole red chili-1 and curry leaves to season
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
salt to taste
grated coconut -3/4 cup

To crush

Small onion-1
cumin- 1/4 tsp
garlic -1 flake
ripe red chili-1


1.Chop cabbage to fine pieces wash it and strain it well as no water should be left.I know it drains off the nutrients but what about the pesticides on it ???

2.Heat oil in a pan when hot add mustard let it splutter then whole red chili broken into two and curry leaves then the cabbage chopped stir it well so that the cabbage gets good greenish color.Cover and cook till 3/4 th done .Keep checking in between to check if its getting burnt.if u feel so add 1/4 glass water.

3.Take roughly crushed ingredients ,salt ,turmeric powder and coconut grated in a bowl add nicely squeeze and mix with hand like u would take out ur anger on someone.

4.Put the coconut mix to the cabbage and saute it well and cook it till everything separates and is completely dry and garlic does not smell raw in the dish.

serve warm

You can do seasoning towards the end in a separate small pan and pour it over the cooked cabbage mix .It definitely adds flavor.I forgo that step why ??? pan less to wash..happy??


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