Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi

Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi – A traditional famous cashew nut based sweet made with just 4 ingredients.The complex recipe is broken down, explained and made fool proof .. a keeper recipe I promise!

I have to say this store bought like perfect Cashew nut Burfi has been my dream for so many years but honestly I did not have the courage to play and experiment with Kerala’s precious cash crop and see it becoming flop… until I chanced upon this recipe.
Kaju Katli also known as Cashew nut Burfi
You need only 4 ingredients and the result is quite amazing.Little things given below needs to be taken care of to get exact outcome. Timing is everything in getting a perfect Kaju katli.
Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi
All thanks to Yaman.
Recipe courtesy: cookingshooking.com
Kaju katli / Cashew nut burfi recipe
Cashew nut  – 200 gms  (Broken cashew is used)
Milk powder –  85 gm
Sugar – 130 gms
Water – 4 tbsp
Silver warq – 2 to 3 leaves  (optional)
***In cup measure I used  1 cup cashew , 1/3 cup milk powder, 3/4 cup sugar and  1/2 cup water.
1.Powder the cashew nut to fine powder in small batch. **Sieve it thoroughly. Do not skip this step.
Add milk powder to this mix and keep aside
2. Make a sugar syrup by boiling water in a pan and add the sugar into it stirring every few minutes on a medium flame.
3. Next step is crucial in getting the Kajju Katli right.
When it comes to a rolling boil with large bubbles start checking the syrup for the consistency. Take a glass of water and put a drop of sugar and look through it if the sugar dissolves right away it is not ready. Allow the sugar syrup to boil for a minute and check again this time the sugar syrup should settle at the bottom of the glass. Keep checking until you get that.
Keep stirring the sugar syrup in between.  The syrup is 2 to 3 string consistency.  (Really hot so be careful)
4. Switch off flame and add the cashew and milk powder into the syrup and stir well until all of it is mixed (as seen in pic 9 and 11). Remove from the stove and keep aside. If you take little and roll it should form a ball. (Pic 10)
5. Spread evenly from side to side in the pan itself to cool.
If you add the cashew to syrup while still on flame the mixture will release oil and texture becomes pasty
 also if you leave katli to cool  in the heat of the switched off stove the katli will dry out and become crumbly.
Cashew nut Burfi steps
6. When it is still warm to touch and bearable heat remove on to a kneading surface and knead until the mixture becomes soft like chapatti dough.Knead for 2 to  minutes
7.  Take a long butter paper and spread the mixture to an even thickness in between them to make a  rectangle as much as possible. (That is the max I could :)))
8. Stick the silver warq on it wherever u like. It is very delicate and tears very fast so do not take it into your hands instead decide where you want the silver first  then simply use the wax paper to place on the katli and lightly press so it sticks.(As seen in pic 21 ,22)
9. Use a sharp knife and cut to make diamond shape.Once cool remove slowly from butter paper and store in air tight container for upto 3 weeks.
Kaju Katli  steps
Points to note:
  • When powdering:   When powdering cashew, powder only in small quantities in short bursts. Do not let the the mixer heat up as it will make cashew nut release its oils.
  • Do not let the cashew grind for long as it will turn into paste which we do not want. The last bit of un powdered cashew that is not passing through the sieve can be using for making other dishes. Do not add that along with the sieved mixture as it will make the katli crumble.
  • When making sugar syrup:  Boil the water first then add sugar it will dissolve and  sugar syrup will be formed faster.
  • After the cashew powder is added to syrup:  Mix well and spread in the pan itself do not leave it as a big lump (pic 10) this will allow to cool evenly and not make it crumbly.
  • Silver warq:  I cut the paper in which silver warq comes into small pieces so I could evenly spread these delicate pieces here and there so that each Kaju katli has some decoration and not entirely silver covered.
  • Cut  the katli as soon as it cools down don’t wait for it to harden. Clean knife with a paper towel every time it sticks to the side to get neat pieces.
  • How to rescue kaju katli mixture:
If the kaju katli mixture is not firming up and setting after cooling completely then put it back into the pan and cook for 2 minutes then set it again in the same procedure as before.
If the kaju katli mixture becomes hard even before kneading then add 1or 2 tsps of water in the pan and heat mixture until it become pliable.
Cashew Burfi 1
Hope you will give this Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi recipe a try and keep it for ever.

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