Kabab with raw plantain/ Kele ke kabab/ Raw plantain cutlet

Kabab or plantain cutlet with raw plantain and potato. A pure vegetarian recipe to try on any day.

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Raw plantain – 2 large

Potato –  1 medium

Green chili –  chopped

Ginger –  1 inch piece grated

Coriander leaves -chopped

Corn flour /corn starch- 2 tbsp (buckwheat flour (kuttu ka atta) or Singahara ka atta for fasting)

Salt  (kalanamak for fasting)


Steam plantain until almost soft and potato until soft. Remove peels. (Don’t boil as they may absorb a lot of water)

Mash everything well add the green chili,ginger ,coriander leaves ,salt and cornflour. Mix everything well.

Make rounds of equal size and flatten it slightly and give it a cutlet shape. If it sticks to your hand apply little oil to grease the palms.

Heat cooking oil in a pan and shallow fry the cutlet by carefully browning both sides in medium hot oil.


Be gentle while turning the cutlet as they may break.

Add more corn flour if the cutlet is breaking while frying.

Fasting options given above.

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