Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling

Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling – Cute and tiny, miniature edible white pumpkin shaped fudge made with milk products and dry fruit filling inside. Soft and chewy outside with rich flavor of milk and different dry fruits filling inside adds the crunch. A perfect combination of decadence and flavor. A bite size dessert for your festive party.
Mini White Pumpkin shape Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling

Ideal bite size sweet for any occasion.
Be it Diwali, Halloween  or Fall party!
Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling.Soft and chewy
Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling steps

Ingredients to make fudge: (yields around 16 -18 pieces)
Dates-   8oz  (227gms ) chopped
Cashew and almond – raw – 1cup roughly chopped
Ghee – 2 -3 tsp +  or butter
Sweetened Condensed milk – 1 tin
Dry milk powder – 4 oz (around 110 gms)
Sunflower seeds-  few for stem

1.Heat 1 tsp ghee and  dates together on a low flame in a non stick pan. When it becomes pasty (takes 4-5 minutes)add the nuts stir well give the mixture a minute to come together.Transfer into a plate.Allow it to cool down to bearable heat. Divide into equal portions and roll into balls (about key lime size). Keep aside to cool completely. This allows it to firm up a bit.
2.Meanwhile wipe the pan clean and heat  tsp ghee to it add the condensed milk and milk powder stir continuously until the mixture has no lumps left, leaves the sides of the pan becomes soft and pliable dough. Switch off flame and remove into a plate. Work fast from here.
3.Keep a greased plate and some ghee to grease ur palms ready.
4. Divide the milk mixture into equal parts Keep it covered and when its bearable heat take one portion of it and keep it on ur palm and wrap around the dates ball. Smoothen all the sides.
5.With the blunt side of the plastic spoon make the ridges from top to bottom.
press the top gently with your lil finger to get a depression on top of the pumpkin.
6.Prick the sunflower seed on top for the stem.
The edible white pumpkins are ready to be served.
Refrigerate the remaining after 1 -2 days.

Why is the Milk fudge cracking and not forming the shape?
The milk fudge dried up on stove top from the heat. Microwave the the hardened portion for 10-20 seconds then knead it, the fat in the ghee will help in making it pliable again.

Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling inside view
If you are thinking where the hell do you take these pics well! here is how it looks …real snow and rain in the bg.
festive desserts
Hope you like it.

4 Replies to “Mini White Pumpkin Milk Fudge with Dry fruit Filling”

  1. Tisa Jacob

    Oh goodness, Meena, enthu talent 🙂 Here I'm setting in to work my hands at caju apple(first time) and you've advanced to mithai shaping, extreme style. Your pumpkins look so real. And the white on white, beautiful.

  2. Nava K

    So pretty, so soothing to look at and so tempting at the same time. Not a sweet tooth person, but I am certainly curious to try just one of this pumpkin fudge.

  3. Rafeeda AR

    Nature did all the set up for you, didn't it! So beautifully made, I don't have any patience to make Indian sweets at all… 🙁 I just love the date filling, adds on to the flavors and the pumpkin shape, very creative! You will continue to be my favorite for long… 🙂

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