Rava Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram

Rava Sweet Kuzhi Paniyaram a fried sweet with flour, semolina and banana.

Evening tea snack was a big thing for me while growing up. I used to eagerly look forward to the snack of the day.

Chechi would have something for sure was my only thought as I walked back home with the heaviest back pack, dripping wet shoes, empty water bottle and chapped lips.. from the blabbering inside crowded bus oh by the way I get enough time to take a quick nap too in the bus.:)
The moment I enter home I would drive Chechi crazy asking what have u made today? If its Rava Kesari I will know from the gate itself  otherwise the question would go on repeat mode till I sit down to eat and she would act like my boss and make me wash myself first. We would fight but she always won. Well its hard to find people that are not your own by blood but take care of u like one.
My liking for nalumani palaharam has not gone down one bit but so much has changed over the years there is no one to make goodies here. Anything I want I need pull myself up and make whatever I like. Ella ada,Pazhampori, unniappam are etc are my to die for snacks .This one is the rava version of unniappam if u like to say that way.
Rava / semolina -1/2 cup
Jaggery powdered -1/2 cup
Maida/ all purpose flour – 3tbsp
Cardamom -1 powdered
Banana -1/2 if big, mashed to paste
Oil for frying
1.Soak rava for half an hour.
2.Meanwhile melt the jaggery to a light thick consistency ( need not make a syrup like mine)
3.Drain the water from rava and mix the rest of the ingredients. It should be a thick yet pourable batter.
4.Heat a paniyaram pan fill oil only till half when it is medium hot pour the batter into each depression Cook over a low flame turn when one side is brown . Cook both sides evenly.
Note :
My pan is made of  cast iron hence the kuzhi paniyaram looks reallycrisp and brown on the outsidebut if u are using non stick or aluminium pan the results may vary but tastes remains same 🙂
Any banana can be used I have used even nendrapazham and it tasted good.

Do give it a try.

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  1. Anupa Joseph (Palaharam)

    I love palaharam…so mom used to make something or the other for snack…unniyappams are to die for….These rava unniyappams looks superb…I have never tried with rava alone…When craving hits its peak I go for instant ones with a mix of wheat and rava..Now that you have left me hungry I think i should make some rava unniyappams now…

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