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Snow Ice Cream !!! Made with snow….
I can see the expression on your face 🙂 Well …I take all liberties of being a blogger :))))

Yesterday we had a severe storm with powdery snow fall all over East Coast. 3 feet snow in one day now thats more than knee deep …. Snow …like a white sea as far as the eyes could see. The wind blew  like crazy it was like whiteout condition here and thank goodness travel on roads were banned.
 Since I had finished all my cooking the previous day for the fear of power outage I was totally free to watch the blizzard start to finish. Also play with snow in my kitchen :))
When everyone was busy in the neighborhood cleaning their cars I was the only weird looking female with a camera. Will post storm pics soon.
Update : Here are the winter pics.
Now over to my version of paal ice 🙂

Warning: Collect snow from a clean open spot. Keep an eye on the bowl. It should be pure white snow if its even slight yellow or any other color do not use it Smell it and taste test it before u begin.. It may contain atmospheric pollutants. Skip the first snow and first hour of snow u plan to collect. 
Recipe adapted from 
Ingredients: (Measurements are mere guideline change it as required )
Milk- 1cup 
Sugar – 2 -3 tbsp
Fresh cream – 2 tbsp
Fresh snow – 1 gallon bowl full
Mix the milk cream and sugar together.Keep it ready before bring the snow inside.
Add the milk mixture just enough to bind the snow.Do not make it runny.(Remember snow melts when brought indoors.)
Serve immediately with sliced strawberries , caramel syrup ,nuts etc..I did not have time for all that. Lol.
Note:U can also mix sweetened condensed milk  and dilute it with lil milk and add it to snow…

12 Replies to “Snow Ice Cream / Snow Recipes / Intant Ice Cream / Winter Snow Activities”

  1. Remya Elizabeth Anish

    Ohh…..Very tempting snow ice cream…..I can't take my eyes out of it…..Love to grab it …. 🙂

  2. Priya

    Now that is one of the most interesting recipes I have ever come across 😀 I thought it would be something similar to the frozen and churned sweetened milk that we used to have as children though it did say Snow ice cream in the title 🙂 Nice shots too, especially the second.

  3. Shibi Thomas

    Very Interesting way of making ice cream. I bet the ice cream was more airy than creamy. Looks fluffy and light. We too had snow, but not as much as you guys got. Stay warm!!

  4. Julie

    what an idea sirji…snow yeyum veruthe vittilla ennu saram,adipoli idea…perfect texture dear,ithu nerathe arinjirunekil oru kai nokkamayirunnu..iniyum adutha blizzard/snow vare kathirikkenam 🙂

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