Cherry Smoothie

Cherry smoothie for the last of sunny days. Summer darling, come soon next year I will be waiting for you.

I love to drink smoothies as soon as it is made. As this one waited for my daughty I quickly clicked one pic 🙂 
Cherry – a hand full
Cardamom pods – 2 (peeled powdered)
Honey -2 tsp
Milk – 1 cup chilled
Pit the cherries.
Blend the cherries,honey and cardamom powdered and add milk. Serve the smoothie chilled.

Hope u like it.

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  1. Shibi Thomas

    Pretty hand model Meena!!! Guess its yours :). Now a days I cannot even grow nails, breaks so fast because of cooking and washing…
    Cherries are totally gone from the stores now…its getting cold here…in the 60's..:(

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