Inside Out Grilled Strawberry and Cheese Sandwich

If melting cheese is your comfort food then here is something sweet and savory….

Crispy crunchy caramelized cheese on the outside and warm melting gooey cheese inside with the sweetness of strawberry.

How many times have you picked up a piece of pizza because it has perfectly browned crisp cheese on it or dipped the chips into the cheese dip to scoop out the brown crunchy spot then this is the right kind of sandwich you would want to give it a try….simply delicious!

Everyone has a family favorite recipe this one is ours. The filling does change from sweet to savory to really spicy one but the cheese on the outside oh! once hooked no one would  forgo that.
A power packed lunch stuffed with cold cut meat and  paired with citrus fruit / veggie salad, ideal for your hectic outdoor schedule or for a school going kid ….

Recipe is pretty simple but these are the tricks to get it right:
1.Cook on low heat for the perfect crisp cheese top on the outside.
2.Use grated cheese( it melts faster) not cut out chunks/ pieces from the block(it melts slowly and burns faster)
3.Be slightly lavish with butter to get desired effect
4.Use nonstick pan.

Ingredients for 1 sandwich:
2 slices of whole wheat bread
Butter -2 tsp or more
Sharp Cheddar Cheese – 2 tbsp
Mozzarella – 1 tbsp ( other cheese like Provolone,Brie  / any savory filling u like)
Strawberry – 1-2 roughly chopped (optional)
Salt and pepper (optional)


1.Heat a nonstick pan on a slow flame spread some butter as it melts spread 1 tbsp of sharp cheddar cheese on the butter approximately the size of bread and immediately place the bread on top.
 (placing the cheese on top of bread and flipping it on top of the pan does not work for me :))
Reduce heat to lowest and let the cheese firm up under the bread for few minutes. Do not try to lift it in the middle, the spatula will be covered with cheese :)) Instead try nudging the side of the bread with back of the spatula gently. If it is sticking to the pan it is still not ready.Once the cheese has firmed it will glide out smoothly from the pan.(make it as brown as u want)

2. Repeat the process for the 2 nd slice (always add butter before cheese so it does not stick) this time place the filling of mozzarella, strawberry and salt and pepper on top while the base is getting cooked.Once the base is done put the first piece on top of  the second one flip once more to evenly heat it.
Enjoy while it is still hot.

I keep a stock of five grated cheese varieties Mozzarella ,Parmesan, Cheddar and two mixed ones to make savory sandwich to go with a nice soup.
Hope to hear from You lovely people out there.


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  1. Resna Nishad

    Wow its a grand promotion for sandwich 🙂 .Sandwich achieved its highest rank nothing more need….. what an idea are excellent…..its so so super………………

  2. easyfoodsmith

    I would love to have it right away! The stringy cheese seems to be tempting and teasing me 😛 Couldn't have been more tempting! Great pics as well Meena. Keep it up my friend 😀

  3. Indu

    Ooh, I love how the cheese has oozed out. Looks so very tempting. And strawberries and cheese is a combination I have never tried. Looking forward to this one.

  4. Meena Kumar

    Thank you so much Radha I am soooo glad u stopped by and u liked my pics,liked my fb that itself is an honor for me.Very rarely I get such good vibes.Please keep coming u motivate me so much. Do share in ur fb if you please.

  5. Radha Natarajan

    Such a gorgeous stunning sandwich I have never seen before!! I can live on this all day!! and what stunning pics!! am glad I found your blog and fb food page, btw, am sharing some of your gorgeous stuff in my fb page , or you are invited directly to please post your yummy pics on my page Your Everyday cook..thanks

  6. Thalia @ butter and brioche

    this looks like a seriously delicious sandwich.. never thought to add strawberries to my grilled cheeses before, curious to know what it tastes like!

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