Unniappam / Sweet rice fritters

Unniappam is made with rice flour and jaggery,deep fried in ghee/oil . A centuries old traditional Kerala sweet, made mostly as an offering  in the temples and in homes on special occasions.

One could very well guess from yards away when unniappams are made.The aroma of clarified butter just envelops you .Oh how I used to pray it should be my house where that unniappam is being made!

Unniappam molds are super heavy , made with bell metal  so it is out of question to carry from place to place.But one’s longing to eat these sweet rice fritters is beyond all this it kept growing and refuse to go away.
Hmmm…Most Asian stores have similar looking molds so one day my longing told me “Commonnn…buy it now!” I had to give in and picked up a cast iron one. I am glad I did because now a days I find myself  making unniappam very often.
I use the small banana available in Asian store (looks like cherupazham)


Rice flour- 1 cup (pacha ari)
Jaggery – 5-6 cubes
Banana- 3- 4( small )
Coconut flakes /pieces- 1 tbsp 
Sesame seeds-1/2 to 1 tsp (optional )
Cardamom -2 powdered
Ghee /oil for frying (This is pure indulgence so don’t look at the qty 🙂


1.Boil 1 cup water and put the jaggery into it and simmer till it melts completely then switch off and keep it aside to cool down completely.
2.Heat the ghee and add the coconut flakes let it become golden brown.also fry sesame seeds.

3.Mash the bananas without any lumps or pieces(I use my lovely hand to mash).To it add rice flour ,jaggery diluted ,fried coconut and sesame.Mix everything well and keep it covered for at least five hours.
4.Heat the mold,when hot add oil to each round up to half  when that becomes hot reduce flame to medium and pour a ladleful of  batter into the oil in each of  the mold round carefully.

5.When the bottom becomes brown it leaves the sides.With the help of a skewer or a fork turn it and cook evenly .When it is brown on all sides remove and put on onto a paper towel  .I like it crispy so I let it brown for a minute more.
6.Repeat till all the batter is used up.

Once the unniappam comes to room temperature keep it in air tight container up to three days.


  • Deep frying unniappam in ghee/clarified butter can taste heavenly but I prefer oil.
  • Do remember to fill the rounds in the mold every time the oil level drops.Oh ya if oil level is more then when u drop the batter in it ,it will overflow. 
  • If u fry in really hot oil the outside will brown fast and inside will remain uncooked.
  • Traditionally it is made with soaking rice and then grinding it.
  • If u don’t have the molds its absolutely fine to fry one small  ladle full of batter  directly in pan.It will be flat that’s all.
  • If it is a new cast iron mold u need to season it for at least 2 days before making unniappam.

Let me know if you liked it.


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