Mutta aviyal / Egg aviyal / Egg and potato with coconut crushed

Egg with potato in coconut paste.A dry side dish in which potato mimics the shape of quartered egg .The coconut grated and the coconut oil  imparts such a distinct taste and aroma u are sure to reach out for a second helping.

Usually aviyal is made with all kinds of vegetables but Granny makes aviyal with just  one veg this is one such recipe definitely Trivandrum special !

When u go through the recipe do notice that unlike the usual aviyal no sourness is added !


Eggs-3 or more (Hard boiled and cut into quarters
Potato -2 medium
Green chili-2
Red onion- 1
Cumin/Jeera- 1/4 tsp
Coconut grated- 1cup
Small onion- 2
Chili powder-1 tsp 
Turmeic powder- 1/3 tsp
Curry leaves -few
Coconut oil- 1 to 2 tsp


1.Peel and cut potato lengthwise then into thick slices (almost like half moon)
2.Cut the red onion into thin slices or it won’t cook well .Slit green chilies.

3.Coarsely grind the coconut ,small onion ,jeera,chili powder,turmeric powder and salt.(Need not grind if u really like coarser coconut ,just crush onion and jeera and mix well with hand giving it a good press)

4.Mix potato pieces,onion slices and coconut paste.Cook together adding 1/2 glass water and cook until the potato slices are just cooked only (It should retain the shape)

5.Sprinkle some water if it is really dry, then reduce flame make space at the bottom of the pan by moving potatoes to one side and spread the egg quarters carefully at the bottom and spread potato on top of it.Cook for two more minutes,switch off flame.

6. Immediately spread curry leaves and raw coconut oil on top , level top and keep it covered until served Let it rest for 15 minutes so the egg soaks up some flavors.Mix gently without breaking any slice or yolk and make sure each serving gets egg and potato slices.

Goes well with Kerala matta rice,and tangy curries.


  • Do not mix too much and make it mushy, trust me, it becomes very unpleasant!!
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I am coming back with more of Granny’s special single vegetable aviyals so stay tuned.

Let me know if you liked this one.


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