Avial / Aviyal- Palakkad style

Avial, a mix of colorful vegetables in a coconut paste.If you will notice, tell me the difference? Ya this one is white.

Well this one is also a Palakkad special recipe where avial is made without any coloring ingredient as  if the vegs just standout and speak for themselves on a white canvas.All the colors just gleam thorough the white tangy coconut paste .My ancestral home’s age old recipe for aviyal strictly tells to stay away from all vegetables that have a sliminess.No root veg except carrot and yam is used.

Carrot may be a new addition in the later years .Only indigenously available vegetables were used to make aviyal . The sourness always comes from curd not tomato or tamarind.The surprise element is a small piece of bitter gourd added to balance off everything Even the coconut is not scrapped till the bottom brown part because it will alter the color.Much care goes into keeping the aviyal white.Almost like the malayalee trying to keep his white clothes pure white with Ujala,Right!! I don’t really strive so hard for the color but my effort is to bring back the same taste.


Kumbalanga /  Ashgourd- 1 cup or less
Padavalanga / Snake gourd- 1/3 of 1 whole
Chena /Yam-3/4 cup (can use frozen suran)
Muringakkai / drumstick-2 (can use frozen)
Neelan payar / String beans-5 or 6
Kaya / Raw banana-1/2 of  1 whole-I do not discard the green peel
Carrot- 1
Kovaka / Tindora- 5 or 6 (can use frozen tindora)
Pavakka / Bitter gourd- 1/4 of 1 whole
Amarakkai / Avarakai / the wide beans-5 or 6
Vazhuthanga / Brinjal- 2 if small

To grind:
Coconut grated -1 1/2 cup
Jeera- 1/4 tsp
Green chili -2
Curd/Yogurt -1 cup -it should be thick really sour.Yes , it should make u squint 🙂 on tasting….
Raw coconut oil and curry leaves to season.


1.Clean and wash all the vegetables before cutting.Cut all the vegs to 2 inch long pieces .Do not make it chunky as it will not cook evenly.
2.In a wide mouthed pot boil 1 cup water and put Chena(yam),Kaya (Raw banana) ,Muringakka(Drumstick) , Kovaka(tindora) both beans(neelan payar and amarakkai) then add Kumbalanga (Ashgourd), Padavalanga(snake gourd)  Pavakka(Bitter gourd)
3.Towards the end add Brinjal and salt.
4.Grind  grated coconut adding curds(do not add water) very coarsely ,then jeera and green chili grind just enough to crush it. .
5.When all the vegs are cooked properly and the water has almost dried up add the coconut paste let one boil come immediately remove from the flame and pour the coconut oil and curry leaves (crush it lightly with fingers) .
Level the top with back of a  back of a table spoon Do not mix too much as it will crumble and mash the vegs .Keep it covered till served.
Serve with rice and other curries.
Add vegs which need most cooking time first.
Do not make it too watery .
Traditionally aviyal is made in urali and Potato,Chembu(Taro root) etc are not used.
Use vegetable only in small quantity as it can add up to a lot.
I love adding few cashew nuts to aviyal towards the end ,I just love it,but u don’t have to..
Hope you will try it and let me know if ur family was surprised seeing white aviyal and u can even expect a question ,”Did u forget to add turmeric powder?” 🙂

4 Replies to “Avial / Aviyal- Palakkad style”

  1. Meena Kumar

    Hey Jai,I just love manga and chakka kuru itta avial. There but mangoes go for curries and pickles mostly as the curds for avial would be so sour that we would literally squint I am not kidding:).Chakka kuru shows up occasionally.
    Jai, I am so glad you stopped by my space.

  2. Jai

    You are in a good “food” and good “spirit” place Meena. Just loved your blog. Do you mind if I share a few of my recipes or food tweaks occassionally?

  3. Meena Kumar

    Thank you so much for those encouraging words Jai.
    Do send ur recipes to elephantsncoconuttrees(at)gmail(dot)com.I would really love to photograph and post it here.I would love to have some of Mom's recipes too.

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