Elaneer pudding / Kariku / Tender coconut pudding

Tender coconuts!! I am head over heels happy the moment I see it .Do you see this pudding here ! I am equally excited to have it…

This weekend the weather man said the days are going to be warmer and  that gave me one more chance to make the tender coconut pudding before summer came to an end…

My daughty was playing Carrie Underwood’s song Blown away back to back …The line ,”there is not enough rain in Oklahoma…” is so well sung….we just love it   hmm… there is no rain in California too… I could hear the air conditioners roaring all over the place. Yes it was sweltering hot .Even to sit down on the couch was as good as getting toasted..cooking became a pain..
Thanks to all the forecast, I made this pudding the previous day and stacked it inside the fridge..and Tadaaa…after lunch here comes my pudding shall I say one more time what an entry she makes!!!
There are all arms extended and ready to hold the plate ahhhaaaa…the spoons glide through the pudding and creamy texture gives away quickly and jiggles on the spoon.The pudding is so delicate and sits closer to jelly like structure but the coconut pulp turns it extraordinary .The pieces of tender coconut clings on to the spoon and  as you bite into it you get a  crisp note of freshness…  Close your eyes as the pudding trickles down your taste buds and get the tropical paradise feel .
There you go before I know I get the plates back cleaned off any  juice or crumb.
Was it that good?? I can answer beyond doubt ..yes..If you have had  tender coconuts and you love it, you know what I am talking about..oh !wait a sec …did I see you drooling !:)

 I love condensed milk but not in this recipe because here the star is tender coconut and I hate to give it a thick coat of paint with the condensed milk to make it dense.

By now you would have already struck a cord with my ideas ,coconuts and love for tender coconut..but alas!! the tender coconut I get in the supermarket are mostly stale .So in this recipe I am using a super duper frozen version which is almost good as fresh.

before the  pudding  is set



1 Packet of  frozen tender coconut -(it contains pulp and water)
 Milk-1 cup
Sugar -1 cup
Unflavored gelatin- 10 gms(about 1 &1/2 sachets from box)


1.Bring the tender coconut packet to room temperature and cut the tender coconut into small pieces if you like.
2.Bring half glass water to a boil and pour it into a bowl and stir in the gelatin till it is dissolved completely.
3.Meanwhile in a pan bring the milk and sugar to a boil and switch off flame and stir in the tender coconut pieces with the all the water in the packet and gelatin .Mix well till everything is well combined.
4.Pour it into small ramekins or small bowls once the whole thing has cooled down refrigerate for 4 hours and let it set.
When ready to serve u can turn it upside down on to a plate if u like.For the pudding to leave sides from the bowl dip the bottom of the bowl in hot water for two minutes.and it will come out without any effort.

 People consider this pudding as Kerala’s very own but gelatin is an acquired ingredient ,so I feel over the recent years it is has become a common pudding .

Did you not feel happy at least for a moment.. then get motivated ,try it out and let me know if you liked it …

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